How to use eyes nebulize

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Eyes nebulize is a eye treatment instrument that nebulizes water or liquid eye drops and then evenly sprays them to the eye. It can treat various surgical eye diseases such as dry eyes and conjunctivitis. There are various kinds of eyes nebulizes in the market, and the use methods are similar. Today, we will introduce the use methods of eyes nebulize with the example of feel eyes nebulize:

How to use eyes nebulize

1. First of all, there is the problem of no water or eyedrops under normal operation of eyes nebulize. Many eyes nebulize on the market now are strictly prohibited from turning on the machine without water. Feellife eyes nebulize is equipped with water shortage protection. When there is no water or water shortage in eyes nebulize, Feellife eyes nebulize will automatically start water shortage protection to better protect eyes nebulize and make it more durable.

2. Before use, set the power switch on the machine to the 'off' position, and turn the 'nebulization amount adjustment knob' counterclockwise to the minimum.

3. First pull off the pressing block on the medicine cup cover, then take down the medicine cup cover and the medicine cup seat, and inject water with a temperature of not less than 15 ℃ into the water tank to the water level. In this section, we remind you not to inject hot water with a temperature of more than 40 ℃, otherwise the nebulization rate will be affected.

4. Place the medicine cup holder on the water tank, align the positioning hole of the medicine cup holder with the positioning hole of the water tank, then place the medicine cup on the medicine cup holder, and add an appropriate amount of drug aqueous solution to the medicine cup. Then cover the medicine cup cover and pull the compression block back to its original position.

How to use eyes nebulize

5. Press the switch to enjoy eye SPA after connecting the drug outlet of the cup cover in turn.

The aerosol particles of feelife eyes nebulizer are 3 microns, very small and stable, which can reach deep in the front of the cornea and quickly relieve the dryness of the eyes. Weighing about 32g, it is light and easy to carry. It is very suitable for all needs of family, travel or work. It can moisturize your eyes at any time. The curved silicone eye mask is soft and close to the skin, fits the eye contour, does not leak water, and has a long battery life. The USB interface can be used for up to a week after a single charge, which is loved by customers. Come and enjoy quiet mist.