Which brand is better in ICU nebulizer

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We all know that ICU nebulizer can be used for various respiratory diseases, especially for the elderly or children with poor self immunity and respiratory diseases. After the epidemic, Chinese people gradually attached importance to the prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases, and the demand for nebulizers was growing. Do you know which nebulizer is better in the face of dazzling nebulizer brands?

Which brand is better in ICU nebulizer

Today, I would like to recommend a very good well-known brand, Feellife, the leader of global aerosol drug delivery. One of the ICU Nebulizer products is silent, nebulization inhalation is efficient and safe, and the installation pipeline is convenient. It is suitable for the whole process treatment of patients and various departments. It focuses more on acute and severe cases, and saves patients' costs. It is also a nebulizer suitable for COVID-19 patients, which is one fifth of the traditional COVID-19 vaccine dose.

ICU Nebulize has two advanced nebulization modes, including continuous nebulization mode and respiratory induction nebulization mode. The diameter of nebulized particles is suitable for nebulizing vaccine. The proportion of effective particles is high, and the drug residue rate is low. The nebulization frequency can be automatically adjusted, so as to improve the vaccine inoculation opportunity while enjoying comfortable nebulization treatment. ICU nebulize allows you to obtain triple immunity, including mucosal immunity, humoral immunity, and cellular immunity. It can more widely use the vaccination environment and rapidly improve the vaccination rate.

ICU nebulize meets the industry standard of aerosol vaccine nebulizer, and can treat children and adults with asthma, acute severe asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), preoperative and postoperative anti-inflammatory, airway humidification, premature chronic pulmonary disease (BPD), acute laryngotracheobronchitis (asthma), infants with acute wheezing, acute bronchiolitis, allergic alveolitis and other diseases. It is a general department, family doctor, social health ICU provides a fast, safe and effective alternative mode of drug delivery. ICU nebulize reduces the cost of patients, improves the cure rate of patients, and is recognized by many patients and parents.

Which brand is better in ICU nebulizer

We believe that the use of feelife efficient ICU nebulizer can achieve good treatment results, provide patients with the best quality care, and be satisfied by medical staff and patients. If you need ICU nebulizer, please identify the feellife brand.