Choose the right pediatric nebulizer without fear of respiratory disease

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With the advent of winter, smog and cold air will come along with it. More and more babies have repeatedly coughed, phlegm and asthma. Most parents will use drugs to help relieve symptoms, and a few parents will choose to inhale the drugs through aerosolization. Since there are two ways to use medicine, is it better to take medicine or spray? Today, I will come to talk with you.

Choose the right pediatric nebulizer without fear of respiratory disease

What is nebulization? Like taking medicine and infusion, nebulization is also a therapeutic method. Compared with oral administration and infusion, nebulization allows drugs to directly pass through the respiratory tract and into the lungs through breathing, without going through the whole body, and then produce effects after being absorbed by the body. By means of nebulization, the required drug dose will be less, and the possibility of side effects and adverse reactions will be lower.

The pediatric nebulizer is a drug delivery device that converts drugs into aerosol form and inhales drugs through the oral cavity (or nasal cavity). Small volume nebulizer is the most commonly used nebulizing inhalation device in clinical practice.

How to choose the pediatric nebulizer?

1. The nebulized particles are fine. The proportion of nebulized particles less than 5um should exceed 50%. The larger the proportion, the better the drug absorption and the better the nebulizer performance.

2. Working noise: noise of nebulizers with poor performance can be as high as 80 decibels, while noise of nebulizers with good quality is generally lower than 65 decibels.

3. The lower the drug residue is, the higher the utilization rate of the liquid medicine is, and the better the performance will be. The drug residue of a good household nebulizer should be less than 0.5ml.

4. Portable. The household nebulizer is designed for individual or family use. It is developed to meet the need for use at any time. Therefore, it has good portability, so it can be used at any time in any situation.

The above selection requirements can be fully met by the feel pediatric nebulizer. The Air Kids are small and portable, and the noise is very low. Usually the voice of the hospital's nebulizer is much louder than it. Moreover, it is easy to use. The nebulization rate is 0.15 ml/min-0.90 ml/min, and the nebulized particles are only 2.5 μ m. The error shall not exceed ± 25%, and it can directly reach the peripheral organs of the lung. So the nebulization effect is very good.