Features and usage of portable spirometer

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Respiratory diseases are the most common diseases with the highest incidence rate, such as asthma, lung infection, bronchiectasis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, occupational pulmonary disease, acute and chronic cough, pediatric respiratory diseases, bronchitis, etc., which seriously endanger people's health. To achieve the goal of preventing chronic respiratory diseases, early detection and early intervention is the key, and pulmonary function testing is the key technology. Therefore, the development of portable spirometers is particularly important.

Features and usage of portable spirometer

In response to the above-mentioned respiratory diseases, the Feellife Institute of Nebulization Medicine has launched the Air Smart, a portable lung function tester. This portable spirometer has the advantages of small size, beautiful appearance, light weight and portability. It adopts advanced microcomputer technology, and the measured data is stable, reliable and clear. It is mainly used for the measurement of human function, which can be used by sports, medical and health, labor, schools, scientific research and other departments and for carrying out national fitness activities. It is also an ideal screening equipment for early screening of diseases, large-scale epidemiological investigation and health examination.

Main features of the feelife portable spirometer:

(1) The host is beautiful and delicate, small in size, light in weight and convenient to carry.

(2) The sensor adopts imported small differential pressure sensor with high accuracy, good stability and repeatability.

(3) Microcomputer signal acquisition and processing are controlled by program, with advanced design, and can realize specific functions for specific users.

(4) The data displayed on the display screen of the electronic spirometer is clear, fast and reliable.

(5) The blowpipe and blownozzle are the modulus conversion devices of the electronic spirometer, and the results are simple, exquisite, comfortable and convenient. The blowing nozzle is easy to disinfect and can prevent cross infection.

The above are the main features and usage methods of portable spirometers. The intelligent and diversified feel portable spirometers can help you to be alert, prevent respiratory diseases in advance, and predict the changes of patients' conditions in advance, so as to protect in advance and adjust the treatment plan.