It's dry and uncomfortable in winter, Come and try 0.9% saline

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Winter has come, and the environment has become more and more dry. The nasal cavity will also be dry and uncomfortable, and sometimes it will leave nosebleed, especially for pregnant women and babies. Many families use 0.9% saline to treat and relieve symptoms. Because the baby is young and has poor resistance, many families have difficulties in choosing 0.9% saline. What kind of saline should they choose?

It's dry and uncomfortable in winter, Come and try 0.9% saline

First of all, let's learn about saline: 0.9% saline, with osmotic pressure basically the same as that of human plasma and tissue fluid, is an isotonic solution. After being injected into the human body, the tissue cells of the human body will not suffer from water loss, dehydration, or water increase and edema due to the change of the osmotic pressure of the environment, which can ensure that the cells will not be swollen, cracked, or dehydrated and shrunk, so as to avoid affecting the cell function, It can maintain the basic morphology of cells. In addition, saline has a good cleaning effect, which can effectively clean the skin and inhibit the growth of bacteria.

Today, we brings you a kind of physiological saline that is very suitable for babies. It is Feellife Sea Salt Water, which is pure and pollution-free and is extracted from the sea salt of Araban (Dead Sea), Israel. It is rich in 21 kinds of minerals and trace elements, such as sodium, magnesium, zinc, silver, copper, manganese, etc. This product can nourish the nasal cavity and improve the regulating ability of nasal mucosa. Moreover, it adopts independent sealing design, which is safer for sterility.

It is suitable for home care of pregnant women and babies, and of course, it is also suitable for people without special contraindications, such as itchy and dry nose, allergic rhinitis, nasal congestion or runny nose, cold discomfort, etc. It can help you clean wounds, moisturize and soften, partially clean, clean ears, clean belly buttons, clean eye areas, skin care, clean dirt, anti-bacterial maintenance, calm and soothe, etc. It has many functions and is loved by the masses.

Do you know the magic of saline through the above contents? Many people think that saline can only be used when they are sick and have an intravenous drip. In fact, saline is widely used. Therefore, no matter when a child is an infant or a child, he or she can prepare some Feellife physiological saline at home. In the future, in a dry environment, he or she will no longer be afraid.