Portable spirometers accurately measure lung health

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With the development of industry,the surrounding environment was gradually destroyed. Especially in recent years, every autumn and winter, smog weather often appears, which also causes many people to suffer from respiratory diseases such as lung infection, acute and chronic cough, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which has also attracted medical attention. In order to detect and prevent respiratory diseases in advance, portable spirometers have also emerged. Do you know how to select portable spirometer?

Portable spirometers accurately measure lung health

The portable spirometer is different from the traditional pulmonary function instrument seen in the hospital. Today, the spirometer is small and portable, integrating most functions of existing large pulmonary function equipment. But now there are many brands of pulmonary function instruments in the market, with different functions and different quality, So many people have a headache when they choose vital capacity measurement.In fact, when choosing a portable vital capacity meter, you should first consider its function. Because most people buy home spirometers, unlike the pulmonary function tests diagnosed by hospitals and doctors, When purchasing a pulmonary function instrument, you should purchase as many functions as possible. The second is to buy a lung function meter with good quality. The data with good quality are more accurate and have a longer service life. Therefore, should choose a large brand of spirometer.

It is recommended that you use feellife's portable spirometer. This instrument can detect asthma, lung infection, bronchiectasis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, occupational pulmonary disease, acute and chronic cough, rhinitis, children's respiratory diseases, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases. It can visualize such indicators as forced vital capacity (FVC), peak expiratory flow (PEF), maximum ventilation volume (MVV), and accurately measure lung health. Easy to carry, with one button measurement function and synchronization function. It is applicable to people with repeated upper respiratory tract infection. It is necessary to observe whether the lung function is damaged; Smoking history and long-term cough history need to observe whether the small airway function changes: seasonal cough asthma needs to see whether you have asthma; Regular reexamination of chronic bronchitis is helpful to monitor the progress of the disease; The degree of pulmonary function damage should be judged in case of abnormal chest radiograph; Anesthesia, surgical risk assessment and postoperative recovery monitoring.So it is very popular.