Introduction to functions of 0.9% saline

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In sensitive seasons, many friends often encounter these problems: seasonal changes, poor air quality, and a lot of snot during the day. At night, the nose will feel dry again, and sometimes they will wake up because their nose is dry. In fact, using 0.9% saline in this case can help you ease dry and stuffy nose, and it is more reassuring to keep daily cleaning at home. 0.9% saline has many other wonderful functions. Let me take you to learn about it.

Introduction to functions of 0.9% saline

1. Clean the nasal cavity directly

0.9% sarine can be used as a 'weapon' to relieve congestion, cough, sneezing and mild rhinitis. 0.9% saline can soften nasal secretions or internal scabs, which is conducive to removal, and has bacteriostatic and bactericidal effects. For example, when the baby's nose is blocked, if the nasal mucus is too much or the dry nasal excrement blocks the baby's nasal cavity, causing poor breathing, 0.9% saline can be used. This method can make the nasal secretions come out and wet the nasal cavity, which can make the baby more comfortable. As a special reminder, if your baby has a lot of nasal secretions, you can first use 0.9% saline to wet the nasal cavity, and then use a nasal aspirator to help your baby clear out the secretions.

2. Reduce vascular exudation and mucosal edema, restore normal pH of nasal mucosa, and improve the internal environment of nasal cavity

Using 0.9% saline to clean the nasal cavity can promote the swing of nasal cilia, improve the ciliary clearance rate of nasal mucus, accelerate the movement of nasal mucus to the pharynx, thus taking away many inflammatory mediators such as histamine, prostaglandin, leukotriene, etc. that accumulate in respiratory mucus, and alleviating inflammatory reactions. When in a dry environment such as an air-conditioned room, use 0.9% saline to wet the nasal cavity, which is fresh and comfortable, and can avoid bleeding due to dry nasal cavity.

3. It can relieve some nasal inflammation

0.9% Saline contains a large number of minerals and trace elements, such as zinc, silver, copper, manganese, etc. These trace elements have a certain role in resisting non-specific inflammation of the nasal cavity and relieving nasal sensitivity.

In addition, 0.9% sarine can also clean skin dirt, clean wounds, anti-bacterial care, calm and soothe the skin, with many wonderful uses. If you want to choose 0.9% safe, the first choice is the feellife brand Sea Salt Water. It is rich in trace elements, minerals, sterile and safe. Extracted from natural arabah(Dead Sea)sea salt imported from Israel. It is added mildly. It is made of food grade PP material. Pregnant women and infants can use it with confidence, even if the amount is too much and the time is too long or accidentally sprayed into the eyes and mouth, they will not worry about irritation. Family necessities to reduce the trouble of going to hospital.