The role of nebulizer saline

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What is the function of nebulizer saline? The main function of normal saline nebulization is to dissolve phlegm. Some patients with chronic diseases, especially the elderly, are weak in the late stage of the disease and cannot expectorate outside. A large amount of sputum accumulates in the lungs, which is easy to suffocate and endanger life. In addition, the sputum contains a large number of harmful substances, such as bacteria and viruses, which need to be discharged to turn around well. Therefore, it needs to expectorate.

The role of nebulizer saline

In the process of expectoration, because the patient sweats a lot and coughs for a long time, part of the sputum will form a sputum plug which is difficult to cough up, and the patient is weak, so a large amount of water is urgently needed to enter the trachea. However, the process of water entering the trachea through infusion is slow and difficult.

Therefore, the method of nebulization can be selected. The normal saline or sterilized water should be added to the nebulization, instead of daily drinking water. Because the nebulized inhalation steam will enter the bronchus. If it is ordinary water, bacteria or viruses may be brought into the trachea, causing secondary infection. Therefore, normal saline or sterilization water should be used to dissolve the nebulized drug. Let the patient inhale the normal saline into the trachea, and the water mist will attach to the sputum surface after directly contacting the sputum, and dilute it, so that the sputum can be easily coughed up. For elderly patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchiectasis, or cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, especially those with poor sputum expectoration ability, normal saline is usually used for nebulization. The main purpose is to dissolve sputum, so that sputum can be easily expectorated, which is conducive to disease recovery. In addition, sputum suction can also be carried out in the pharynx to stimulate the pharynx, so that the patient can forcefully send out the sputum.

In addition, Nebulizer Saline also has a moisturizing effect, which can be achieved by using normal saline. Because the nebulization is directly sprayed to the throat, it can moisten the throat with normal saline at this time, so that the medicine can fit the throat more quickly. After nebulization treatment, proper drinking water and active warmth preservation are also needed. Exercise properly to improve the body immunity. Ensure adequate sleep time and do not stay up late.

The role of nebulizer saline

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