Handheld nebulizer respiratory health essential

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In the late winter, the number of pediatric and respiratory outpatients is also increasing, and many children suffer from respiratory diseases such as colds, influenza, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc. nebulization has become a routine treatment method, which is very common. Many friends have also started to purchase handheld nebulizer for home treatment.

Handheld nebulizer respiratory health essential

Handheld Nebulizer is a kind of inhaler that turns liquid medicine into fine mist. It is a treatment for patients with upper respiratory diseases. The simple meaning of handheld nebulizer is that compared with traditional nebulizer, the machine is smaller and easy to carry. The portability of the machine makes it convenient to treat chronic diseases, such as asthma, chronic bronchi, hormone sensitive cough, post infection cough, and patients who need frequent medication. It can directly deliver the drug to the respiratory tract, allowing the drug particles to enter the respiratory tract and deposit in the lungs through breathing, so as to achieve painless and rapid treatment effect. In this way, the amount of drugs needed will be greatly reduced, thus reducing the side effects on the body. It is also a very suitable treatment for respiratory diseases in young children.

Feellife has always focused on the R&D and innovation of products in the field of respiratory health. Now, it has brought a new generation of handheld nebulizer, which is miniature and comfortable to hold with one hand; The friendly, lively, safe and attractive cartoon shape will be transformed into a small pet, partner or family member in the eyes of children, so that children will put down their fear of nebulization, resist psychology, and accept treatment drugs obediently to achieve twice the result with half the effort.

Handheld nebulizer respiratory health essential

The feelife's handheld nebulizer fogs gently and gently, with a medium particle size of 2.5 μ m. The speed is constant, which can meet the requirements of high nebulization efficiency and ensure the particles are fine without choking the throat; The U-shaped mouth is designed to automatically gather the liquid medicine to the spray mouth, so as to reduce drug waste economically. In addition, the independent nebulizing cup assembly also makes cleaning more convenient and thorough, which is conducive to keeping the product clean and sanitary after medication.

Feellife provides one-stop solution services for the global nebulizer+nebulizer liquid ecology, continuously optimizes and improves the product experience, and brings warmth and care to users' life health and quality of life. If you need it, please contact us immediately.