Baby nebulizer takes care of baby's health

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With the change of seasons and the sudden change of weather, are you still worried about your child's cough, phlegm and fog in the hospital every day? Especially during the COVID-19 epidemic, babies who often go to the hospital will be at risk of cross infection. With baby nebulizer, babies can be nebulized at home without running to the hospital. It saves time and worry. Here's a brief introduction to a cost-effective baby nebulizer.

Baby nebulizer takes care of baby's health

Feellife Air Kids nebulizer has a new experience of handheld nebulization, which is specially tailored for babies. The size is only big in the palm, very small, easy to carry. The shape is round and comfortable, which is not only convenient for the baby to hold with one hand, but also reduces unnecessary security risks, so that the baby can use it at ease. With the newly upgraded noise reduction technology and bass design, the baby can also be nebulized when sleeping. Let the baby's daily nebulization process be quiet, so that the mother can feel more at ease. The traditional nebulizer is not only noisy, but also easy to be polluted by nebulization treatment, which may lead to cross infection and increase the risk of infection for patients. The nebulizing cup and mouthpiece of the feellife Air Kids nebulizer can be disassembled to facilitate daily cleaning and disinfection and avoid the risk of secondary infection caused by virus residues. It not only has high efficiency and large amount of fog, but also reduces the waiting time for nebulization, and its cost performance is also very high. With it, you can easily nebulize your baby at home, regardless of time or place. It is economical and convenient. Rhinitis, cough and other symptoms can also be well alleviated. It is a proper health guard. Feellife's baby nebulizer is a new upgrade. It adopts a new technology of nebulization and washing. Its product advantages include five gear adjustable fog volume and dual nebulization mode of variable frequency surge. 

The spray particles are more delicate. The nebulized particle size is concentrated at 3um, the error is not more than ± 25%, and the diameter is less than 5 μ m. It can directly go to the affected area for effective treatment to promote the baby's absorption of drugs. In addition to being suitable for families, this baby nebulizer can also be used in respiratory department, pediatrics department, ENT department, obstetrics and gynecology department, surgery department, outpatient and emergency department and other departments where aerosol therapy is practical. It is used in bronchial asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), bronchiectasis, chronic bronchitis, hormone sensitive cough, post infection cough, ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP), ear nose throat head and neck surgery related diseases, pediatric related respiratory diseases, and trachea management during hand surgery.

The feellife Air Kids nebulizer focuses on quality and can be opened by one button to protect the baby's health, make the baby enjoy the nebulization, and save the mother's worry.