Feellife ICU nebulizer - preferred

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With the continuous improvement of nebulization technology and the development of severe medicine, nebulization technology has become the basic treatment for severe patients. Among the numerous life-saving devices in the ICU, the ICU nebulizer also plays a special role. In the treatment of reactive respiratory diseases, nebulization can rapidly make the active site reach the local drug concentration with high efficiency and minimum side effects.

Feellife ICU nebulizer - preferred

So why are the lungs good for inhaling drugs? As we know, this is related to the factors that our lungs are conducive to inhaling drugs and the basic anatomical and physiological characteristics, mainly because of the large alveolar area, thin gas blood barrier, rapid drug absorption, less first pass effects, low enzyme activity, and less metabolic effects. If patients with lung diseases inhale drugs, they can directly act on the lungs, with quick effects and fewer systemic side effects, Therefore, it has become an important treatment method of severe medicine.

General pressurized metering nebulizer, spray nebulizer and ultrasonic vibrating screen nebulizer are commonly used in ICU. As the mesh screen nebulizer provides the best aerosol characteristics, it is the preferred nebulization device when conditions permit, with a humidified air passage; Expectorant; Anti inflammation, anti infection; Prevent respiratory complications, such as airway inflammation, obstruction, atelectasis, infection and asphyxia; It can relieve bronchospasm, relieve cough, expectoration, wheezing and other symptoms, ensure the complete and effective control of aerosol drug delivery, improve hospital bed turnover, reduce patient costs, and improve the cure rate of patients.

Feellife ICU nebulizer - preferred

As a global leader in atomized drug delivery, the ICU atomizer provided by feellife is quiet, efficient, convenient to install the pipeline, with appropriate atomized particle diameter, high proportion of effective particles, and low drug residue rate. It can treat asthma in children and adults, acute severe asthma, COPD, preoperative and postoperative anti-inflammatory, airway humidification, chronic pulmonary disease (BPD) in premature infants, acute laryngotracheobronchitis, acute wheezing in infants, acute bronchiolitis Allergic alveolitis and other diseases. It is suitable for patients to be treated in the whole process, and is suitable for various departments. It focuses on acute and severe cases, and is trusted by ICU medical staff. Feellife provides special solutions for general departments, family doctors, social health and intensive care units, and is the preferred partner of hospitals, vaccine research and development enterprises, ventilator manufacturers, scientific research institutions and pharmaceutical factories.