Selection method of mini nebulizer

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With the development of medical technology, various household medical devices have also emerged, such as mini nebulizer, spirometer, eye nebulizer, etc. These instrument technologies are also very mature, but the nebulizers produced by different manufacturers still have gaps, so how to choose nebulizers from many manufacturers? Today, feellife will talk to you about the choice of mini nebulizer.


The nebulizer is a new type of drug delivery method, mainly used to treat respiratory diseases, cough, asthma, etc. Of course, a good nebulizer is certainly beneficial to disease treatment. Next, feellife will teach you how to choose mini nebulizer with the following parameters.

1. Atomized particles: the size is directly related to the atomization effect, which is small (less than 2.5 μ m) The atomized particles can reach the lower respiratory tract and alveoli. Generally, the specification parameters provided by the manufacturer include a label indicating the size of the atomized particles. The label of the atomized particles generally involves the particle size, average particle size, average median size, etc.

2. Vibration: The noise is accompanied by vibration. Generally speaking, if the noise is large, the vibration must not be small.

3. Heating: The problem of heating is associated with the above noise and vibration. Machines with large noise and vibration must generate more heat.

In fact, the above three items are all energy losses. Therefore, the nominal power of the compression nebulizer is not as high as possible. Most of the energy of machines with large power but large noise (large vibration and heat) is wasted.

4. Noise: The noise level of the nebulizer is an important indicator of its quality. The loud noise will affect the mood of the children who are already poor. The noise of most of the compressed nebulizers sold on the market is about 80 decibels, while the noise of high-quality compressed nebulizers should be within 65 decibels. For machines with low noise, the manufacturer will mark

5. Portability: The smaller the size, the better. As a household, the size of the nebulizer is also a factor that household users need to consider, and the smaller the size means more convenient to carry.


The above is the content that feellife shared with you. I think you all know how to choose mini nebulizer. Of course, the working principle of nebulizer can be divided into ultrasonic nebulizer, compression nebulizer and mesh nebulizer. These nebulizers are available in miniature.