ICU Nebulizer promotes early recovery of patients

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Because of the aggravation of haze and the poor quality of the environment, many adults and children suffer from asthma and other diseases. With the development of science and technology, ICU nebulizer has increasingly become an important life-saving device in hospitals. It is a treatment device that converts drugs into aerosol form, forms aerosol and enters the respiratory tract for humidification of the respiratory tract or drug inhalation. As an assistant and supplement to the systemic treatment, it is a very important physical measure in the standardized nursing procedure of chest and lung physical therapy.


In ICU, the characteristics of the patient's respiratory system can affect the transport of aerosols in the respiratory tract, such as inflammation, swelling, and spasm of the airway mucosa, the reduced movement of the airway mucosa cilia of the patients, and the reduced ability to remove secretions, which is one of the main reasons for the retention of airway secretions, which will lead to increased airway resistance, uneven distribution of inhaled aerosols in the respiratory system, and increased drug concentration in narrow areas, The drug deposition at the distal end of the occluded site is reduced, thus reducing the clinical efficacy. If ICU nurses are skilled in aerosol inhalation technology, sputum and atelectasis and other factors should be removed as far as possible before aerosol treatment to facilitate aerosol deposition in the lower respiratory tract and lungs, which can effectively prevent and reduce the occurrence of pulmonary complications in critically ill patients and promote their early recovery.


At present, ultrasonic nebulization, oxygen-driven nebulization and compressed pump nebulization are commonly used in clinical nebulization. The small-volume nebulizer is the most commonly used nebulization inhalation device in clinical practice at present, and its liquid storage capacity is generally less than 10mL, but this can completely meet the needs of patients for a single nebulization treatment. So, which brand of ICU nebulizer is better? Feellife's ICU nebulizer is still good. The nebulization size is 3 μ M ± 15%, as all friends familiar with nebulization know, this is the most ideal particle size for nebulization treatment, and this device also has two advanced nebulization modes, including continuous nebulization mode and respiratory induction nebulization mode. Comfortable nebulization direct treatment, which can automatically adjust the nebulization frequency, also has the features of mute function and easy to use. It is not only suitable for patients, but also convenient for medical staff to use. It is a good choice for ICU nebulizers.