Feellife's nebulizer is more favored by patients

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With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, many people have also begun to pay attention to health preservation. Especially for people with respiratory diseases, it is very important to seek treatment during illness, and nebulization is a good choice. A nebulizer is an instrument that directly inhales drugs into the lungs through the respiratory tract. It can make liquid or solid drugs into small mist like particles, which are evenly dispersed in the air, forming a uniform and stable airflow. It can be inhaled into the patient's respiratory tract through the nose or mouth to achieve therapeutic purposes. Due to the many different types ofnebulizers available on the market, it is not clear which brand is better for medicalnebulizers. Today, I will take you to learn about Feellife's nebulizers.

Feellife's nebulizer is more favored by patients

Feellife'snebulizer has four major technologies: microcomputer control technology,nebulization motor drive technology, multi-layer composite filtration technology, and intelligent control technology.

1. Microcomputer control technology: Microcomputer control is one of the core technologies of Feellife's nebulizer. This technology mainly controls the mechanical movement of thenebulizer through a microcomputer to achieve the delivery andnebulization process ofnebulized drugs, allowing patients to enjoy a high-quality, comfortable, safe, and painless treatment experience during inhalation therapy.

2.nebulization core technology: Feellife's nebulizer is driven by an imported brushless DC motor from the United States, which has the characteristics of small size, high efficiency, low noise, and has passed FDA and CE certification, ensuring the continuous and stable delivery ofnebulized drugs to the patient's mouth and lungs.

3.nebulization core technology: Feellife's nebulizer uses airflow particles with precise and stable particle size distribution imported from the United States as the drug delivery carrier, and is combined with high-qualitynebulization particles to achieve good drug efficacy. And it also has efficient mute design and intelligent timing function, which can effectively reduce the discomfort and pain that patients experience during inhalation treatment, allowing them to experience better treatment effects.

4. Intelligent control technology: Feellife's nebulizer adds more user-friendly design to the product by upgrading the software and hardware of the microcomputer control system. Feellife's nebulizer also uses the intelligent timing function during thenebulization process, which can be adjusted according to the patient's respiratory rate during thenebulization process, which can not only ensure the efficacy but also reduce the patient's sense of pain, making it easier for the patient to accept.

Taking Feellife's Air Pro product as an example, thenebulization median particle size is 2.5 μ m. Thenebulized particles are delicate and can cover the upper respiratory tract, trachea, bronchi, and alveoli, directly reaching the affected area. It is easy for babies to absorb and release mist smoothly without choking their throat. Thenebulization rate is ≥ 0.15 ml/min, while meeting the requirements for inhaled particle diameter, saving time. The weight is only 94g, the volume is small, and it is portable. Its sound is less than 65 decibels, and there is not too much noise. Children do not worry about waking up when they fall asleep. The design adopts a multi-level filtration system, which meticulously filters and disinfects the air mist from internal circulation to external convection, ensuring its cleanliness and safety, as well as being sterile and dust-free. Nebulized inhalation has no needle insertion or swallowing pain, and is particularly suitable for children and elderly patients. And this product has a wide range of clinical applications, which can be used to treat bronchial asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), bronchiectasis, chronic bronchitis, wheezing in infants and young children, mycoplasma pneumonia, tracheal intubation during and after surgery, acute epiglottitis, laryngitis, acute pharyngitis, perioperative airway management, cough variant asthma (CVA), eosinophilic bronchitis (EB), allergic cough (AC) Symptoms such as post infection cough (PIC), bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD), acute laryngotracheobronchitis, and adenoid hypertrophy.

After years of development and accumulation, Feellife's nebulizers have gained professional experience and capabilities in medical device manufacturing, with three research institutes and over 400 patented technologies. Feellife has now become an internationalnebulization technology brand that integrates medical device research and development, manufacturing, sales, and services. With strong technical support and a comprehensive after-sales service system, it is committed to providing better and more advanced medical products and services to global consumers. It is not only loved by consumers, but also recognized and highly praised by governments and medical institutions around the world. In the future, Feellife will continue to be driven by technological innovation, bringing more and higher quality medical products and services to global consumers.