Which brand of Kids nebulizer can make children accept

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The flu keeps coughing, Kids Nebulizer is here to help you.

Recently, the H1N1 flu has been fierce and frequently ranked first on the hot search list. The child has a high fever that persists and coughs continuously, but the high fever has finally passed, but complications have come. The onset of influenza is acute, although mostly self-limiting, some may experience complications. When the influenza virus invades the lower respiratory tract, it can cause primary viral pneumonia. Pneumonia is the most common symptom of influenza, and the condition further worsens 2-4 days after the onset of influenza, or repeatedly worsens after the recovery period of influenza, with symptoms such as high fever, severe cough, purulent sputum, and difficulty breathing. For susceptible populations such as children and the elderly, early antiviral and symptomatic treatment should be provided to avoid developing into severe illness.

Which brand of Kids nebulizer can make children accept

For influenza virus pneumonia, mild cases generally do not require hospitalization and can be treated at outpatient or home. Treatment includes both general and symptomatic treatment. If the treatment is ineffective within 48 hours, high fever does not subside, or the condition worsens, such as shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, cyanosis, etc., timely referral and treatment are required. Children with pneumonia can be treated with Kids Nebulizer nebulization inhalation to reduce airway inflammation, improve breathing difficulties, and alleviate cough and wheezing symptoms, which is an important component of comprehensive treatment for pneumonia. Optional aerosol drugs include expectorants, bronchodilators, ICS, etc. However, ICS is not recommended as the first choice for common pneumonia. ICS may only be beneficial for certain subgroups of community-acquired pneumonia, including viral pneumonia, atypical pathogen pneumonia, and pneumonia with underlying chronic lung diseases, but the course of treatment should not be too long. Please follow the doctor's advice for specific medication and treatment.

With the widespread use of medical nebulizers, due to their many advantages over traditional medication, many friends have gradually recognized and accepted the nebulization inhalation treatment method, and people are considering how to choose a good nebulizer. And try to achieve high-quality treatment that can be easily nebulized at home, from queuing up at the hospital and waiting for nebulization to purchasing a household nebulizer on your own. Whether it's medical nebulizers or household nebulizers that are gradually becoming popular, there are currently many brands in the market, which is a bit dazzling. So, which nebulizers are more professional, reliable, and cost-effective brands, and how to choose nebulizer brands have become a mystery for many nebulizer demanders.

For children who need nebulization therapy, it is recommended that parents choose the Feellife Kids Nebulizer for home nebulization. The appearance is small and cute, the color is fresh, and it is easy to carry. The child has a high acceptance rate, can overcome resistance, good compliance, and the treatment effect is guaranteed. The treatment is easy and smooth, and there is less crying. This product is also equipped with a rechargeable battery, which can be carried around for use when playing or traveling, and can achieve inhalation therapy anytime and anywhere.

The Kids Nebulizer nebulization particles of the feedback are smaller, usually within 3 μ Within m (micrometers), it can deposit in the lower respiratory tract, peripheral bronchi, and alveoli. The respiratory tract of children is relatively narrow, and using this nebulizer is a good choice for delivering medication into the bronchi. It will not produce harmful gases and prevent them from entering the body, so it will not cause irreversible damage to the body and there is no health risk. Paired with a 6ml liquid medicine cup, it has low price, excellent performance, and stability. It uses high-quality raw materials that can be sterilized at high temperatures, boiled, and disinfected in the cabinet. While ensuring that the performance of the nebulized particles is not affected, it can be repeatedly disinfected, avoiding cross infection due to the use of incomplete disinfection of the nebulized cup, avoiding further illness, saving costs, and obtaining reassuring and efficient treatment at low cost. In addition, this nebulizer has a relatively minimal noise level of only 29 decibels, making it compact and convenient, making it more friendly for infants and young children who need to carry it with them for nebulization treatment. Suitable for nebulization treatment of common bronchial asthma/allergic asthma/wheezing, acute upper airway infection (cold), mild to moderate COPD, and other diseases. For mild viral pneumonia children, it is a cost-effective nebulizer.

When using Kids Nebulize, the first thing to remember is the principle of one breath, two breaths, and three breaths; In addition, it is advisable to inhale and exhale through the mouth as much as possible, but if treating nasal diseases, the method of exhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth should be used. For infants, the elderly, and friends with weaker physical fitness, it is recommended to use masks as much as possible for treatment; Finally, remember to thoroughly disinfect after use.

Feellife is a globally leading household nebulizer and an internationally renowned enterprise specializing in the treatment of respiratory diseases, committed to providing comprehensive inhalation equipment solutions for patients with respiratory diseases. Feellife has a professional R&D and production organization, and its high-performance nebulizer products have been deeply loved and supported by patients since their launch, making it the best choice for nebulizer brand products.