The effect of physiological 0.9 saline

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0.9% physiological saline is a common medical solution that contains 0.9% sodium chloride and water. It is an isotonic solution that can be used for liquid supplementation and treatment in various situations. The editor will use this article to explore the various functions of 0.9% physiological saline and its importance in medical applications.

The effect of physiological 0.9 saline

1、 Liquid replenishment

0.9% physiological saline plays an important role in liquid supplementation. When the body loses water or electrolytes, this solution can effectively help restore fluid balance. The balance of water and electrolytes in the body is crucial for the normal functioning of the body. When our body loses water, we feel thirsty, our skin becomes dry, and urine decreases. If severe to a certain extent, it may also lead to serious consequences such as fainting and increased heart rate. At this point, 0.9% physiological saline can quickly replenish water and electrolytes in the body, thereby maintaining fluid balance and maintaining normal physiological functions.

2、 Surgical and Trauma Treatment

0.9% saline is also a common treatment method in surgery and trauma treatment. During the surgery, patients may lose a large amount of fluids and electrolytes. If not replenished in a timely manner, it can lead to severe water deficiency and electrolyte imbalance in the body, and may even lead to life-threatening situations. 0.9% physiological saline can quickly replenish water and electrolytes in the body through infusion, restoring fluid balance. In trauma treatment, 0.9% physiological saline can also help control bleeding, maintain blood volume, and prevent the occurrence of shock.

3、 Preparation and dilution of drugs

0.9% physiological saline can also be used for drug formulation and dilution. Some drugs need to be mixed with a solution to reduce irritation or dilute the drug for use. 0.9% physiological saline can maintain the stability of the drug due to its isotonic properties, thereby avoiding the instability and adverse reactions of the drug caused by improper preparation of the solution.

4、 Other clinical applications

0.9% physiological saline has other clinical applications, such as flushing wounds, cleaning organs and tissues, etc. During the surgery, doctors may need to clean some organs or tissues to ensure the cleanliness and disinfection of the surgical area. 0.9% physiological saline can be used to clean these organs and tissues, thereby reducing the risk of infection. In addition, 0.9% physiological saline can also be used for clinical applications such as bladder irrigation, oral and laryngeal cleaning, and gastrointestinal cleaning. In these cases, 0.9% physiological saline can serve as a cleaning and disinfection agent, thereby reducing the risk of infection.

0.9% physiological saline, as a common medical solution, has multiple effects. It can be used for liquid supplementation, surgery and trauma treatment, drug formulation and dilution, and other clinical applications. In medical practice, doctors need to choose appropriate liquid supplementation and treatment plans based on the condition and specific situation. The importance of 0.9% physiological saline is that it is a safe, effective, and widely applicable liquid supplement and treatment plan that can help doctors provide high-quality medical services, ensure the health and safety of patients, and can also be used as a backup at home to prevent occasional unnecessary use. So what brand of 0.9% physiological saline is better? The editor recommends 0.9% physiological saline from the Feellife brand to everyone.

Feellife is a professional brand that produces medical supplies, and its physiological saline is one of the popular high-quality products. The physiological saline of Feellife brand is a kind of physiological saline with osmotic pressure similar to that of human body fluid. Its ingredients include sodium chloride, potassium chloride, calcium chloride, etc., which can meet the physiological needs of various histiocyte of the human body. Physiological saline can be used for disinfection, cleaning, atomization of product diluents, etc. Feellife brand physiological saline products have the following advantages:

1. Pure and sterile: The product adopts advanced BFS production technology, with sterile chain packaging to prevent bacterial infection. One bottle at a time, convenient to carry.

2. Mild and safe: Mild without added medicinal ingredients, hormones, irritants, chemicals, alcohol, or preservatives. Pregnant women and infants can use it with peace of mind.

3. Multiple uses: can be used for home care, baby care, ear cleaning, navel cleaning, eye area cleaning, and skin care

Feellife brand physiological saline is a high-quality, safe, and convenient product that can meet people's various needs in daily life and healthcare.