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The LUXlife 2023 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards were recently announced,

and Feellife was awarded 'Best Global Home-Based Nebulization Solutions 2023'.

Feellife Awarded

As the investment and shopping guide for high-net-worth individuals in European society, LUXlife is always insightful about

the new global consumer trends and focuses on sharing the world's outstanding brands to lead the trend of quality life in Europe. 

Based on the data of the top of society and the cooperation with professional organizations in various fields, LUXlife will regularly

 evaluate the quality brands in different industries, one of which is the Health, Beauty, and Wellness Award.

The 2023 LUXlife Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards are presented by Global Media, a series of health and wellness magazines.


The winners of the 2023 LUXlife Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards are selected by a series of professional lifestyle magazines 

of Global Media, together with European medical professionals and consumers, and voted anonymously after six months of intensive use.


With the leading nebulization solution and good user experience, Feellife stood out from the global competition and became the 

winner of 'Best Global Home Nebulization Solution'.


As China's national standard drafting unit of mesh nebulizers, Feellife has focused on medical nebulization since its inception, 

focusing on respiratory health and exploring for more than ten years.


The formation of AiMesh as the core of more than 200 nebulization patents, not only to achieve the atomization piece that 

never clogs but to solve the problem of compression nebulizer bulky, large particles, noise, etc.


For users to bring more portable, delicate, light sound solutions, but also in the nebulization safety, efficiency, the use of 

continuous breakthroughs, to create an intelligent frequency conversion nebulization technology.


The mesh nebulizer from fixed frequency to frequency, now is a step forward, into a new stage of accurate quantitative

nebulization drug delivery, breathing induction nebulization drug delivery.


Nowadays, Feellife has been at the forefront of the global net nebulizer industry and provides nebulization solutions to the 

world with the business model of 'intelligent nebulizer + nebulizing liquid'.


To serve the global nebulization ecology, the honor of 'the world's best home nebulization solution' is well deserved by Feellife.

Feellife Awarded

The honor of 'Best Global Home Nebulization Solution' is not only the appreciation of Feellife nebulization products

but also the recognition of Feellife' more than ten years of tirelessly working on medical nebulization.


In the future, Feellife will not forget the original intention and actively practice the vision of 'Feellife - The Third Way of Dosing'.


To serve the medical industry and add bricks to human health as its responsibility, 

to study new nebulization medical technology and explore a new future of respiratory health.