feellife® Honoured as a MedTech Outlook Top 20 Company in the US

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Feellife Health Inc. has been honored with the prestigious recognition of being named a Top 20 MedTech Company in the United States by MedTech Outlook. MedTech Outlook, a prominent and trusted source in the healthcare technology landscape, annually recognizes companies that have demonstrated exceptional innovation, impact, and success in the medical technology sector.


 feellife® Honoured as a MedTech Outlook Top 20 Company in the US


The Challenge of Traditional Nebulizers

Traditional nebulizers, though effective, have long been criticized for their bulkiness and lack of portability. feellife® addresses this challenge with a range of portable, and quiet nebulizers that prioritize patient convenience. The key to their success lies in the revolutionary AiMesh®s polymer diaphragm, seamlessly blending science and artificial intelligence to optimize medication delivery through mesh nebulizers.


AiMesh®: The Technological Marvel

AiMesh® stands out for its adaptability and commitment to environmental sustainability, earning the trust of healthcare institutions and medical professionals alike. Unlike conventional nebulizers, AiMesh® boasts exceptional bio-elasticity and corrosion resistance, with automatic adjustment capabilities that enhance the precision of drug delivery. It also ensures that the holes are not blocked during the actual treatment.


AirICU: Revolutionizing ICU Nebulization in Europe

feellife®'s commitment to innovation is exemplified by the introduction of AirICU in Europe—a game-changer in intensive care unit (ICU) nebulization. Unlike its predecessors, AirICU offers precise dosage control, integrated technology, and intelligent design, reducing the risk of cross-infection and enhancing patient safety. European hospitals laud AirICU for its quieter operation, precise dosing, and improved patient care.


Feellife Health Inc.'s recognition as a Top 20 MedTech Company by MedTech Outlook serves as a testament to its unwavering dedication to advancing healthcare through innovation. As the company continues to shape the landscape of respiratory care, it stands poised for further success, improving the lives of patients and professionals alike with its transformative solutions.