feellife® Creates a New Industry of Nebulization

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With the further aggravation of air pollution, as well as the sudden coldness and warmth of the climate between the change of seasons, the number of patients with respiratory diseases has greatly increased globally. As a medical device that effectively protects against respiratory diseases, nebulizers have been recommended as a priority treatment by the Global Asthma Prevention and Control Guidelines and the World Health Organization, and have become the first choice of many respiratory disease patients by virtue of the advantages of safety, speed, effectiveness, convenience and painlessness.


feellife® Creates a New Industry of Nebulization

1. Responding to the needs and leading the industry to positive development

Along with the gradual development and maturity of artificial intelligence technology, the medical model is being changed, and many medical equipment companies have been exploring the portability of medical equipment and family. However, most of the nebulizers on the market at present are still traditional nebulizers, with no major innovation. As a result, it does not meet the diverse and personalized needs of people for nebulizer treatment.


Keep leading the 'Chinese nebulizer' feellife ®, a variety of suitable for all groups of people nebulizer shape, free hands free, to achieve multi-angle ease of nebulization mode, once again to the industry to confirm the national brand as a breakthrough, continuous innovation of scientific research strength.


2. Leading the future, focusing on intelligent nebulization treatment

Many parents have had such troubles: the child has a respiratory disease, the doctor issued a nebulizer single, although only 10 minutes, but the child is unwilling to cooperate, crying, making the nebulizer can not play the best therapeutic effect, but also easy to cause choking.


The feellife® nebulizer eliminates the disadvantages of traditional nebulizers that require a fixed location to receive nebulization. The lightweight body and ultra-lightweight handheld design ensure that nebulization can be performed at any time, anywhere. Without the tension that the hospital itself brings to the child, the child is naturally more receptive to using it on his/her own in the way he/she prefers.       

At the same time, feellife® nebulizer adopts the patented surge and inverter 2-mode technology, which intelligently adapts to the user's respiratory frequency, and is more suitable for children and respiratory patients with narrow lumen of sensitive airways, caring for the user's every breath, and obtaining a comfortable experience and high performance.

feellife® Creates a New Industry of Nebulization

3. Innovation and empowerment, building a new industry of nebulization

In recent years, the state has focused more attention on the medical and health industry, and has continuously and intensively launched several sets of policies to vigorously support the development of medical device technology. Whether it is the development of national medical technology needs, or the people's urgent demand for nebulizers, have spurred the innovation of domestic medical brand research.


Starting from the independent research and development of the first nebulizer, feellife® has driven the rise of the domestic nebulization science ecosystem by virtue of continuous pioneering and innovation, persistence and perseverance. In the era of all people enjoying intelligent medical treatment, feellife® creates technologically advanced, portable and intelligent, healthy and safe nebulized medical devices with craftsmanship. Providing the third way of drug delivery for human beings, feellife® has been actively contributing its value.

feellife® is not only innovating in products, but also developing safe and nebulizable medicines, realizing nebulized medical treatment into the family, and helping more patients to realize home nebulized treatment.