AiMesh® Nebulization Core Technology: Creating the Core Competitiveness in the Field of Nebulization

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feellife® founded in 2013, is an international medical enterprise integrating academics, research and development, production and sales of nebulizer and nebulizer solution, and is the first to create the global nebulization ecological model of intelligent nebulizer + nebulizer solution. We have a team of cutting-edge scientific research and technology talents, a one-stop full-service team, and cutting-edge production equipment. Decades of focus on the field of nebulization, based on the nebulization of medical technology industry. Globally, the first to develop the core innovative technology of AiMesh® nebulization, dedicated to the research of nebulization medical ecology, leading the forefront of nebulization technology. Provide the third way of drug delivery for human beings, and comprehensively enhance the change of nebulization for all human beings.


Since its establishment, it has passed ISO13485, GMP, CGMP, SO22000, CFDA, ROHS, SGS, FDA, CE and other safety certifications, and participated in the development of the "Mesh Nebulizer Registration Guidelines" national standard.


With innovative high-tech nebulization technology, solid safety quality, and through continuous in-depth exploration, feellife® increase scientific and technological research and development efforts to complete the AiMesh® nebulization core technology patent layout, to create core competitiveness in the field of medical nebulization, and become the first brand to fully realize the new upgrade of nebulization core technology. feellife® provides users with a better nebulization experience, and lays a solid foundation of the domestic nebulizer. Domestic nebulizer has laid a solid foundation of innovation and technology, enhance the market influence and popularity of domestic nebulizer brands, and help the nebulization medical field to leap forward.

What is AiMesh® Nebulizing Core Technology?

The secret of feellife® efficient, precise and safe atomization comes from AiMesh® atomization core technology.

AiMesh® Nebulization Core Technology; Creating the Core Competitiveness in the Field of Nebulization


It uses modern high-tech field of polymer materials, high-frequency oscillation technology, to achieve a high degree of precision uniform aperture, nebulization quality has been fundamentally safeguarded. Promote human nebulization medical level enhancement, service for all mankind high-quality nebulization.

Global Advantages of AiMesh® Nebulization Core Technology



Polymer materials

No rust, strong water absorption, not easy to leak (long service life)

Highly elastic properties

High atomization throughput rate, plugging holes and breaking holes close to zero
 (long service life)

Non-metallic flexible materials

The atomizer is not easy to break the hole and pop up, more safe atomization

feellife® relies on technology independent research and development, production line built independently to keep moving forward, layers of strict screening, standardized dust-free production workshop, to create high-quality nebulization. Craftsmanship to create a series of fine products such as mesh nebulizer, lung function tester, nebulized vaccine equipment.

Technology + Quality = Core Competitiveness

The technology developed quantitative atomized vaccine inhalation Air Right device, which realizes the precise quantitative drug delivery output technology, and the atomization precision can be as small as 10 μL, in order to quickly overcome the obstacles of large-scale vaccination, and was approved by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology to prevent the epidemic of the strategic materials for the establishment of the project program.

AiMesh® Nebulization Core Technology; Creating the Core Competitiveness in the Field of Nebulization

Air Pro 5 nebulized inhalation vaccine equipment, has passed the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control technology research special project. None of this does not verify that the feellife® AiMesh® nebulization core technology this technology for the future development of the field of nebulization is of great significance to promote! For the long-term development of enterprises that are deeply engaged in the fogging industry is crucial!

The fact that feellife® has maintained its market-leading position in the nebulizer field fully highlights the brand's philosophy of "customer first" and providing high-quality, safer, and smarter products at all times. The development of nebulization technology is not only to meet the global respiratory health, but also to explore the true value of nebulization technology. This is a change that is not limited to the quality of nebulization, but a change that serves all mankind!