Bauhinia Hui Brand Conference feellife Micro-mesh Atomizer Was Highly Recognized

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Bauhinia Hui Brand Conference Raffles Micro-mesh Atomizer Was Highly Recognized

On May 15, 2016, the brand release of 'Towards the Future, Regrowth' and the launching ceremony of the 2016 Tsinghua Bauhinia Business Model Innovation Competition were held in Shenzhen. The winner of the 'Award', feellife Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Raffles), was honored to be invited to this brand conference.


In the past FALARY·2015 Bauhinia Business Model Innovation Competition, feellife not only won the 'Most Development Potential Award'',but also won the honor of 'the first mobile intelligent respiratory health management in China'.

Bauhinia Hui Brand Conference Raffles Micro-mesh Atomizer Was Highly Recognized

In addition to technical advantages and product quality, feellife has been awarded the honor to adapt to the times and perfectly solve the barriers of air compression atomizers.

Raffles can receive the above honors because it has a technical team dedicated to innovation and professional research and development of home medical microgrid atomization. 

Not only from the product appearance upgrade, making the atomizer more fashionable; but also from the technical upgrade, making the atomizer more intelligent. In line with international standards, the use ofthe world's advanced mesh technology makes the atomizer have small atomized particles, uniform and efficient, portable, low noise and other high-quality features.

In addition, with the popularity of atomization inhalation therapy, home atomization has become a trend.The traditional air -compressed nebulizer cannot be carried around because of its large size and is controlled by the power supply; the noise is loud, which makes many babies afraid of nebulization and resists nebulization treatment. In addition, the atomized particles are not as small as advertised, and the treatment can only reach the trachea, and cannot settle into the alveoli, etc., and cannot meet people's needs for atomizers.

The technical upgrade of feellife micro-mesh atomizer is not only reflected in: small size, easy to carry, low noise, let the baby fall in love with atomization (children love the atomizer at this conference). It is more present that the atomized particles areonly between 1-5 microns and directly reach the alveoli. It has been well received by experts in respiratory departments from all over the world, among which experts from the Department of Respiratory Medicine of Peking University Hospital pointed out that the emergence of feellife micro-mesh nebulizer will subvert the traditional nebulization treatment. In addition, in major pharmacies or exhibitions, the feellife micro -mesh nebulizer has become the focus of attention as soon as it is unveiled, and it has repeatedly demonstrated its leadership in the mobile medical industry.

Bauhinia Hui Brand Conference Raffles Micro-mesh Atomizer Was Highly Recognized

feellife micro-net atomizers are highly recognized by Bauhinia brand publishers and speakers

At the Bauhiniahui brand conference, the feellife micro-net atomizer showcase has become the focus as always, attracting many entrepreneurs to visit and consult. Among them, Mr. Zhang Dongbao, the assistant to the dean of the Shenzhen Tsinghua University Research Institute, the publisher of Zijinghui, and the general manager of Shenzhen Lihe Angel Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd., Mr. Zhang Dongbao, stayed in front of the booth for a long time to conduct research on the Raffles micro-net atomizer. Detailed understanding and high recognition of the product.

It is worth mentioning that in order to allow people to take medical care home, they can receive atomization treatment scientifically and effectively anytime, anywhere. feellife has a unique and innovative business model, and specially established a team of expert medical consultants to provide patients and consumers with expert medication guidance. At the same time, it cooperates with well-known pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad to create a safe aerosol drug - feellife Atomizer.

Bauhinia Hui Brand Conference Raffles Micro-mesh Atomizer Was Highly Recognized