[Weiya's recommendation] You can easily atomize at home without leaving home!

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In winter, children enter a period of high incidence of flu. When coughing and nasal congestion begin, it is an intermittent road to seek medical treatment. Not only children, but also parents are uncomfortable.

Cough, stuffy nose, runny nose, some parents focus on anti-inflammatory drugs, thinking that these diseases are just symptoms of inflammation, remember, the so-called thinking is a big mistake! Do not use drugs arbitrarily, control the symptoms in time, and prescribe the right medicine to get better quickly.

Taking medicine is too slow, infusion is completely banned, and nebulization inhalation has become the current mainstream treatment method.
[Weiya's recommendation] You can easily atomize at home without leaving home!

Directly hit the pain point of medical treatment

In addition to the difficulty of registering, the hospital is crowded with people and the air quality is not good. If the children are cross-infected with the virus, it will not only make the disease worse, but also make the treatment more difficult.

In addition, there are few nebulizers in the nebulization room, and there is a need to wait in line. Once the child does not cooperate with the treatment, the mood is easy to break out, and the medical experience is not good. The child will be more resistant to nebulization, and the effect will be even worse.

[Weiya's recommendation] You can easily atomize at home without leaving home!

The feellife smart home nebulizer directly hits the pain point of medical treatment, changes the use scene of air pressure nebulizer and ultrasonic nebulizer, so that young children do not need to go to the hospital atomization room for nebulization, which can greatly reduce the time when young children go to the doctor. chance of cross-infection.

In addition, in order to alleviate the resistance of young children to atomization treatment, feellife deeply explores the characteristics and habits of children, so that the atomizer is no longer cold and monotonous, and the cartoon image is used to make the child no longer reject the atomization process. , resulting in a sense of intimacy. The fuselage is small and light in hand, and it is feasible to sit, lie down, or lie down, so that young children can be soothed and relaxed, so as to better carry out atomization treatment.

Help home atomization

In fact, modern atomization therapy has been used in the UK since the 1950s, and it has been used clinically in my country for nearly 20 years.

With the popularity of home nebulizers, many families in China have gradually recognized and accepted the nebulization inhalation therapy, and have tried to go to the hospital to wait for nebulization, to purchasing smart home nebulizers by themselves, and realize that you can do it at home. High-quality treatment with easy nebulization.

The feellife portable atomizer is also

Weiya, the queen of goods, highly recommends

[Weiya's recommendation] You can easily atomize at home without leaving home!

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Choose a Home Portable Nebulizer

Nowadays, there are many families using smart home atomizers. How to choose a good atomizer is a key point of everyone's attention.

feellife micro mesh design

The unique alloy vibrating mesh screen technology is a breakthrough technology for drug atomization and is the core of feellife products.

Each small hole is about 3 microns in diameter. 1200 holes of the same size are evenly distributed on the mesh screen, which vibrates 128,000 times per second to ensure efficient drug delivery, and the drug particles are delivered to the depths of the lungs with the best size, which is conducive to the rapid absorption of drug molecules

[Weiya's recommendation] You can easily atomize at home without leaving home!

Look at the amount of drug residues

The lower the drug residue, the higher the utilization rate of the drug solution by the atomizer, and the better the performance. The dosage of the nebulizer itself is about 1/10 of that of other routes of administration. If too much liquid remains, the therapeutic effect of the best nebulizer will be greatly reduced.

[Nebulization rate, size adjustable]

Nebulization therapy is not like oral or subcutaneous injection, as long as the drug is delivered into the body, it needs to control the rate of nebulization. In particular, the development of the throat tissue of young children is not perfect, and the buffering effect of throat and nose hair is small. Feellife pioneered the dual mode of surge and frequency conversion atomization. Users can adjust the atomization rate according to their own conditions, and adjust to a comfortable mist according to personal conditions. It can effectively solve the discomfort of nebulization caused by a single nebulization rate of similar products.

[Weiya's recommendation] You can easily atomize at home without leaving home!

[Patented noise reduction, almost silent]

The size of the noise can easily affect whether the child resists and cries, resulting in poor nebulization effect. Usually, the noise of a high-quality atomizer should be lower than 65dB (decibel), so sleep time can also be done.

【High safety and long service life】


Nebulizers are also electrical appliances, so overvoltage protection, temperature control protection, leakage current detection, high voltage resistance detection, etc., are essential to ensure the safety of users.

In the face of the mixed market of atomizers, the feellife portable atomizer meets all the above hard indicators. 'Fog' and Lumpy, medical grade. It can be used for colds, fever, and lung infections, saving medication, directly to the affected area, and achieving rapid treatment.