Inhaled vaccine is about to come out, using atomization to directly achieve mucosal immunity

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According to the data reported by the National Health and Medical Commission on the 20th, China's new crown vaccine vaccination exceeded 1 billion doses on the 19th, reaching 1,010.489 million doses, becoming the first country in the world to receive 1 billion doses of the new crown vaccine. While lamenting the speed at which the motherland developed and produced vaccines for the first time, I also saw the contributions made by the people of the whole country to the fight against the epidemic.

For China, with a population of 1.4 billion, 1 billion doses of vaccines are just the first step in building an immune barrier. Academician Zhong Nanshan has previously stated that to achieve herd immunity, assuming that the protection rate of the vaccine is 70%, China needs a vaccination rate of 83.3%; assuming that the protection rate of the vaccine is 80%, China needs a vaccination rate of 72.9%. At present, there are still some special groups who cannot be vaccinated as scheduled due to age and various diseases. When will their vaccines be available?

When can aerosol inhalation vaccines be used?

For the vaccination of special populations, the vaccine research and development unit is also accelerating the research and development, and it will be carried out on a large scale after sufficient safety and efficacy data are obtained in clinical trials. Recently, everyone has paid attention to the aerosol inhalation of the new crown vaccine, presumably still in a vague concept. The so-called aerosol inhalation immunity means that the vaccine is atomized into tiny particles by a nebulizer, and enters the respiratory tract and lungs through inhalation, thereby stimulating mucosal immunity. Its inhalation route of administration is painless, does not require injections, is more convenient, and has higher accessibility, which can further assist the large-scale vaccination of the new crown vaccine. It's just the improvement of its previous dosage form, and the formulation of the preparation has not changed, but the way of administration is to use atomization inhalation instead of intramuscular injection. At present, the Food and Drug Administration has approved an expanded clinical trial and is applying for emergency use. This form of administration will undoubtedly give the majority of people a heart booster. How effective and protective are nebulized vaccines?

According to experts, aerosol inhalation is one of the five new crown vaccine research technology routes deployed in my country in the early stage, and it is currently in rapid clinical trials. Compared with intramuscular injection, the effect of aerosol inhalation vaccine is more obvious:

1. First, inhaled vaccines can produce mucosal immunity.

Compared with injectable vaccines, aerosol vaccines have an advantage in that they can achieve mucosal immunity. The traditional way of injecting vaccines can only achieve immunity in both humoral and cellular aspects. If a new way of immunization is added, the other two methods can be combined to better protect everyone's health.

2. Secondly, greatly reducing the amount of vaccines is equivalent to increasing the supply.

The dosage of the drug is small, 0.5 ml for intramuscular injection, and only 0.1 ml for respiratory administration. Now 1 dose can be turned into 5 doses in the future, which is very promising for mass vaccination, preventing outbreaks and preventing further development of the epidemic.

3. Again, painless vaccination is suitable for all ages, young and old, and the vaccination efficiency is higher.

Immunization coverage is high. Compared with injections, inhaled vaccines are painless and more accessible. It is very convenient for people who are 'afraid of needles' and 'stunned by needles.' accept.

Inhaled vaccine is about to come out, using atomization to directly achieve mucosal immunity

Is nebulized inhalation vaccine really that magical?

Compared with injection, if aerosol inhalation can obtain immunity, it is not only the hope of the Chinese people, but also the hope of the whole world.

The treatment method of atomization, although it looks magical, has actually been widely used for a long time. It is a phenomenon similar to aerosols formed by spraying the liquid into mist-sized water droplets through high-speed air pressure. Then, hold the nozzle with your mouth, and slowly inhale the aerosolized medicine to realize the process of the medicine from the mouth to the lungs, and the entire respiratory system can be fully circulated.

Inhaled vaccine is about to come out, using atomization to directly achieve mucosal immunity

Like a child who has a cold and cough and is not good for a long time, many doctors recommend that parents use mist therapy for their children. This allows the drug to reach the child's lungs, thereby having a therapeutic effect. It is also widely used in respiratory diseases. For example, asthma, bronchitis, cough, expectoration, dyspnea, and laryngitis.

Inhaled vaccine is about to come out, using atomization to directly achieve mucosal immunity

Nebulization inhalation vaccination of the new crown vaccine is a new thing and a new beginning. The specific use details need to be subject to the official instructions and the requirements of the vaccination institution. But there is no doubt that aerosol inhalation vaccination is a big step forward compared with intramuscular injection, and it is also the expectation of the Chinese people.