New progress in nebulized inhalation vaccines, feellife nebulizer has become a new focus

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l 'The Lancet Infectious Diseases'. The research results show that the recombinant new crown vaccine for inhalation has good safety, tolerance and immunogenicity, and the level of cellular immune response is comparable to that of intramuscular injection. Aerosol inhalation booster immunization on the 28th day after intramuscular injection of recombinant new crown vaccine can induce the production of high levels of neutralizing antibodies.

As soon as the news came out, it aroused strong national attention and a lot of voices. The promotion of aerosol inhalation vaccines once again let everyone see the rise of China's speed.

1. Why develop an aerosol inhaled new crown vaccine?

Earlier studies found that there are certain limitations in the use of the current injectable new crown vaccine. Neither direct injection of neutralizing antibodies nor the production of specific neutralizing antibodies through vaccines can effectively inhibit the infection of the upper respiratory tract of humans by the new coronavirus. The current injectable vaccine does not play a very good protective role, and even vaccinated people may still be infected, and even transmit it to those around them through breathing. The aerosol inhaled new crown vaccine can provide 'mucosal immunity' for the human body while providing humoral immunity and cellular immunity, which perfectly solves the risk of virus infection through the upper respiratory tract.

New progress in nebulized inhalation vaccines, feellife nebulizer has become a new focus

2. Is the aerosol inhalation vaccine really that magical?

Compared with injection, if aerosol inhalation can obtain immunity, it is not only the hope of the Chinese people, but also the hope of the whole world.

nebulization  treatment is to spray the liquid into water droplets of the size of mist particles through high-speed air pressure, forming a similar aerosol phenomenon. Hold the nozzle with your mouth, and slowly inhale the aerosolized medicine to realize the process of medicine from the mouth to the lungs, and the entire respiratory system can be fully circulated.

3. Compared with vaccines injected by injection, the advantages of aerosol inhaled vaccines are obvious

1. The dosage of drugs is small, and the dose only needs about one-fifth of the injection vaccine, and no bottled is required, which relieves the tension of bottled and reduces the pressure on logistics and transportation.

2.3 Multiple immunity is better than injection. Atomized inhalation vaccine can directly inhale the vaccine particles into the respiratory tract and lungs through the nebulizer. The vaccine stimulates the mucosal immune response in the respiratory mucosa and alveoli, and establishes three immune functions: mucosal immunity + Cellular immunity + humoral immunity, the protection effect is better.

3. The immune effect is fast and the side effects are small. After aerosol inhalation, it can quickly take effect in the nasal cavity, throat, trachea, alveoli, mucous membranes and other parts.

4. Compared with injections, inhaled vaccines are painless, more accessible and easier to accept.

5. It is simple and convenient, does not require special storage conditions, is more maneuverable, and is more suitable for large-scale inoculation.

New progress in nebulized inhalation vaccines, feellife nebulizer has become a new focus

4. Development of aerosol vaccines

feellife nebulizer becomes a good choice for nebulized vaccination

New progress in nebulized inhalation vaccines, feellife nebulizer has become a new focus

The cutting-edge technology of feellife atomization helps 'inhalation' vaccines to realize more possibilities of atomized vaccines, and the administration method of vaccines has changed from intramuscular injection to atomization inhalation.

A good nebulized vaccine effect also needs to be achieved with the help of safe and reliable medical nebulizers. Feellife nebulizer medicine focuses on the research of nebulization technology, professionally develops high-quality nebulizers, and responds to national epidemic prevention needs to help national public medical care and epidemic prevention. Development and construction, leading the cutting-edge scientific research team to develop medical nebulizers that match with nebulized vaccines. Through a large number of market and experimental tests, they have been successfully used and can better adapt to the vaccination of nebulized vaccines. Vaccination provides a guarantee of safety.

The feellife medical nebulizer is famous for its high quality. It is based on high technology and provides solutions to the needs of epidemic prevention. The developed medical nebulizers Air Right and Air ICU provide four types of nebulized vaccine supply as solutions. The nebulizer is highly efficient, safe, stable and high in quality. It can comprehensively solve the practical problems of injection vaccination, cross-infection and vaccine dosage, and provides a solid and reliable foundation for promoting the development of national epidemic prevention.

5. What makes feellife atomizers better than other brands?

Why is nebulized vaccine safer to use?

feellife is committed to the research ecology of atomization. It is famous for its mature and stable high-tech atomization technology. Based on solid safety, quality and quality, feellife has been deeply involved in the field of atomization for decades. The research from atomization application to atomization medicine is in-depth. Layer escort; focus on atomization, professional atomizer research and development, based on popular brand reputation, is the best testimony of the feellife brand. Product development of inhalation micro-nebulizer, Chinese vaccine + Chinese nebulizer, Chinese speed + Chinese manufacturing, feellife nebulizer adopts vibrating screen technology to generate uniform and extremely fine aerosol particles, which has a good effect on the drug reaching the lungs play a key role. Studies have shown that micro-mesh nebulizers produce aerosol deposition and distribution in the lungs three times that of jet nebulizers (air compression nebulizers). The feellife micro-mesh nebulizer has become one of the nebulizers for atomized vaccination, which will realize the new power of multiple epidemic prevention and contribute to the global fight against the epidemic.

New progress in nebulized inhalation vaccines, feellife nebulizer has become a new focus

nebulization inhalation vaccination is the progress of epidemic prevention and public medical care, and it also provides a better way of vaccination for better protection against the new coronavirus. 's assistance.