Instrument for spirometer

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In recent years, with the increasingly serious smog weather, the probability of people suffering from lung diseases has greatly increased, and the key to treating lung diseases is early detection and early prevention. Early detection of lung diseases depends on the examination of various functions of the lungs. Today, Feellife will talk to you about the portable spirometer instruments that have emerged in recent years.

Instrument for spirometer

The spirometer instrument on the market is also used to measure the volume of air inhaled and exhaled by the lungs. It can test the lung function and reflect the lung health status in real time. The measurable lung function parameters are:

1. Forced vital capacity

Forced vital capacity refers to the maximum volume of air that can be exhaled as soon as possible after trying to inhale as much as possible.

2. Vital capacity in the first second

It means that the volume of exhaled air in the first second is the forced expiratory volume in one second.


The ratio of FEV1/FVC is often used for clinical judgment; Obstructive or mixed type is slightly reduced to significantly reduced; The limitation is that the value is normal or slightly increased.

4. Mid term forced expiratory flow rate

The mid forced expiratory flow rate is the expiratory flow rate between 25-75% of vital capacity.

5. Peak Expiratory Flow rate

Peak Expiratory Flow rate, commonly used for clinical diagnosis and daily monitoring of asthma and COPD, is mainly used to judge the main airway obstruction, but cannot understand the alveolar obstruction.

6. Maximum expiratory flow volume curve

The maximum expiratory flow volume curve refers to the curve showing the relationship between the expiratory flow and the lung volume when the subject exhales immediately after the maximum inspiration with the solvent in the abscissa and the expiratory flow in the vertical position.

7. Volume time curve

The clinical significance of early detection and early intervention to effectively reduce the incidence rate of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

8. Percent Forecast

The percentage value of the user's lung function test results compared with the lung function of healthy people of the same age, sex, height and race. The higher the percentage value, the closer the lung function is to the normal standard.

The pulmonary function tester is applicable to:

1. Repeated upper respiratory tract infection needs to observe whether the lung function is damaged;

2. Smoking history and long-term cough history need to observe whether the small airway function changes;

3. Seasonal cough asthma depends on whether you have asthma;

4. Regular reexamination of chronic bronchitis is helpful to monitor the progress of the disease;

5. The degree of pulmonary function damage should be judged in case of abnormal chest radiograph;

6. Anesthesia, surgical risk assessment and postoperative recovery monitoring.

The above is the spirometer instrument introduced by Feellife. Feellife is a well-known manufacturer of lung function testing equipment, which has been recognized by the public in the development of the company and is a trustworthy enterprise.