A little information about 0.9% saline

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When it comes to salt water, you are certainly familiar with it, but when it comes to 0.9 saline, you may not understand it very well. Salt water is a mixture of salt and water. It is also called industrial salt water in industry. Today feellife will introduce another salt water - 0.9% saline.

0.9% saline refers to sodium chloride solution whose osmotic pressure is basically equal to that of animal or human plasma in physiological experiments or clinical use. It is generally sodium chloride aqueous solution with a concentration of 0.9%. The osmotic pressure is similar to that of human blood, and the content of sodium is also similar to that of plasma. It can maintain the normal morphology of cells, supply electrolytes and maintain the tension of body fluids.


I think you already know what 0.9% saline is, and you will also notice that most of the components of the liquid we input into the body are 0.9% saline when you are sick. Of course, 0.9% saline has more than that, such as the following:

1. Daily life: In daily life, if you are thirsty, especially if you sweat a lot in summer, you can take 0.9 saline orally to supplement salt and water, which can quickly correct your body's water shortage without causing the disorder of your internal environment.

2. Medicine: 0.9 saline can be used to wash wounds, wet compress wounds, soak surgical patients with water deficiency to treat patients with low blood volume.

3. Others: 0.9 saline facial dressing has anti-inflammatory and astringent effects, which can diminish inflammation and accelerate the withering rate of acne. So as to remove facial spots. However, it is not recommended to use it for a long time. Long-term use will cause facial skin to become more fragile.


4. Dressing the face with salt water can effectively remove the accumulated grease, acne and 'black head' in the pores of the face skin, and can also take away the aged cutin and dirt hidden in the skin, so that the face can reach a clean and fresh condition. 0.9% saline can effectively sterilize and diminish inflammation, prevent the growth of bacteria on the face skin, and achieve the effect of deep cleaning, anti-inflammatory and sterilization.

The above is the content that feellife shared with you. 0.9 saline is not only widely used but also inexpensive, and the product is also favored by everyone.