The aerosol inhalation drug delivery - the preferred third way of dosing for humans.

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Because the two methods of oral and injection medication bring inconvenience to people, and as the side effects of antibiotics continue to be exposed, people begin to feel confused and fearful. The third method of drug delivery - aerosol inhalation drug delivery is becoming more and more widely known!



Disadvantages of traditional drug delivery—oral medicine

For many parents, "feeding the baby medicine" after the baby becomes ill is a nightmare in parenting life. The baby cries loudly, kicks its legs, and shakes its head left and right to resist. It is often two or three people who take turns to hold the babyfixing their head, clamping their calves, the medicine is often spilled everywhere, not much medicine can enter the mouth, sometimes a little bit of it is finally poured in, and the baby vomits it all out. It is not only wasting medicine but the effectiveness of the medicine is reduced by half, which is really a headache.

The aerosol inhalation drug delivery - the preferred third way of dosing for humans.士


Disadvantages of traditional drug deliveryinjection

It mainly refers to intramuscular injection, which is the injection and infusion that we come into contact with daily. This method can cause muscle pain, so adults and children alike will want to run away from the needle.

The aerosol inhalation drug delivery - the preferred third way of dosing for humans.士

In addition to the traditional oral or injection drug, is there other way to choose?

For respiratory diseases, a third mode of drug delivery is used

Aerosol inhalation


The third way of dosing for humans - aerosol inhalation

In many countries, the main treatment of respiratory diseases is aerosol inhalation. By using the nebulizer to disperse the liquid into small droplets, inhaled through the nose or mouth of the patient, the atomized drug directly acts on the target organ, that is, directly delivers the drug to the inflammation site, which can improve the local concentration of the drug and achieve the therapeutic effect. It is called the third drug delivery method, which avoids the pain caused by traditional oral and injection, and the drug only needs one-tenth of the oral drug and one-thirtieth of the injection drug, with fewer side effects, which is especially important for children.

Aerosol inhalation administration only through breathing can achieve the therapeutic effect, children will not be afraid to resist, for parents, of course, willing to choose this safe and easy way of administration! It is worth mentioning that atomized inhalation has a very good therapeutic effect on bronchiolitis, asthmatic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, acute and chronic bronchitis, acute laryngitis, acute pneumonia, etc.


Portable nebulizer - home nebulization becomes a trend

As major hospitals continue to widely use the third drug delivery method - atomized inhalation therapy, people treat respiratory diseases, atomization has become the first choice.

With the development of science and technology, people atomize more and more toward family atomization.


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