About the micromesh nebulizer

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Micromesh nebulizer

Micromesh nebulizer: The working principle is to connect a perforated plate to a transistor that can generate high-frequency vibrations, and produce an impact on the liquid to produce aerosol; another way is that the liquid is driven by a pulse current to force it through the mesh to produce aerosol.

The micromesh nebulizer produced by Feellife Health Inc. ,has the characteristics of both compression atomizers and ultrasonic nebulizers, and has made breakthroughs in its technology. The spray method is to use tiny ultrasonic vibrations and a mesh spray head structure to spray, and use electronic high-frequency oscillations (which are absolutely harmless to humans and animals) through the high-frequency resonance of the ceramic atomizer to break up the liquid water molecule structure and produce a naturally flowing water mist, forming ultra-fine particles of about 3 microns, achieving an efficient spray effect. It is a home medical nebulizer for all respiratory diseases, which is easy to carry and use anytime, anywhere.

About the micromesh atomizer

Respirable range

0.5 to 5 microns

Aerosol particles larger than 5 microns settle in the mouth and throat and are swallowed

Particles smaller than 0.5 microns do not settle in the lungs and are exhaled

Respirable particle fraction

The percentage of particles smaller than 5 microns in aerosol

The higher the value, the better

The standards of medical institutions recommend that drugs contain at least 50% particles smaller than 5 microns (i.e., the mass median diameter is 5 microns or less)

About the micromesh atomizer

►Micro-mesh nebulizers are completely different from compressed nebulizers and are a revolutionary change in nebulization treatment equipment.

►Using high-frequency electronic oscillations (absolutely harmless to humans and animals), through the high-frequency resonance of ceramic nebulizers, the drug solution is driven to the mesh. Due to the extremely fast movement of positive and negative electrons, high-density atomized particles are produced and ejected outward.

►Since the Raffles micro-mesh atomizer has a 3-micron diameter screen at the nozzle, the sprayed liquid particles are all atomized particles with a diameter of less than 5 microns, of which 2.5-micron particles account for 75%.