Effects of budesonide nebulization

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Nebulization of budesonide is a common way of administering medicine. It can make the medicine reach the symptomatic site to the greatest extent, and is especially suitable for children. For babies, this type of medicine can also be used for treatment. It is very effective in preventing cough and treating bronchitis. During the process of nebulization treatment, it is also necessary to take the medicine orally as prescribed by the doctor.


The efficacy of budesonide nebulization on babies.

Since atomization itself is only a method of drug administration, a special atomization device is used to atomize the drug solution into tiny particles, which are inhaled into the respiratory tract and lungs to deposit the drug in the respiratory tract to treat diseases. Compared with the traditional injection and medication, small particles are The baby does not suffer much pain. This treatment method is administered in small doses and effectively reduces side effects.

Effects of budesonide nebulization

Budesonide suspension is the most commonly used aerosolized drug in clinical practice. The drug mechanism is that ICS surface inhaled hormones. Everyone gets nervous when they hear about hormones, thinking that the doctor is going to give me hormones again. They are anxious about whether I will gain weight or my blood sugar will increase if I use hormones.

In fact, budesonide suspension is a surface inhaled hormone. Its main function is to control inflammation through atomization, reduce inflammatory cells, reduce the ability to secrete mucus, and reduce the level of secreted mucus and inflammatory factors. In short, it can clear the airway, inhibit airway inflammation, and play a role in dilating the airway through local deposition in the airway, so not many components enter the blood. This kind of local atomization causes patients to react to hormones, including increased blood sugar and obesity, and these side effects are very small.

Effects of budesonide nebulization

Local use of hormones has such a rapid onset, which can relieve spasms and asthma, and at the same time will not cause changes in the blood sugar level of the whole body. Therefore, in patients with COPD, patients with bronchial asthma, and cough variant asthma, these clinical symptoms appear, surface inhaled hormones and inhaled budesonide suspension are very common treatments, and the effect is very fast and effective.