Air Flow 1
Air Flow 1
Air Flow 1
Air Flow 1

Nebulization rate: low-speed spray rate of 10mL/min

High-speed spray rate 12mL/min

Pulse spray rate 7mL/min (the error does not exceed ±3mL/min)

Reservoir cup capacity: 25ml

Size: length 65mm X width 56mm x height 175mm

Weight: about 191g

Product description

Use case

Air Flow 1
Air Flow 1
Air Flow 2
Air Flow 2
Air Flow 1专利图
Air Flow 1专利图

Functional advantage

Three-speed flush mode protects the nasal health of the whole family.

360° rotating nozzle design can deep clean moisturizing care.

Exclusive frequency conversion spray technology.

Scientific configuration and gentle care.

High frequency water pressure makes the water delicate, gentle, and not choking the nose.

Medical grade PP+can be soft and skin-friendly, suitable for nose care.

Innovative anti-waste liquid backflow design.

Clean and safe aseptic process.

IP22 waterproof body integration make each part independently sealed.

Good waterproof effect, safe to use.


People who pay attention to personal hygiene and pursue a high quality of life.

There are rhinitis, sinusitis, respiratory diseases and postoperative population.

People with a high risk of occupational diseases of high dust respiratory tract. Such as: teachers, traffic police, miners, textile workers, etc.

Smokers (and secondhand smokers).

Children, pregnant women, the elderly and other groups who avoid drugs.

People with dry nose who work in an air-conditioned environment for a long time.

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