Air Flow 4
Air Flow 4
Air Flow 4
Air Flow 4

Nebulization rate/particle size: ≥0.2ml/min; 3.8μm±25%

Ultrasonic vibration frequency: 130kHz, deviation from actual frequency: ≤±10%

Medication cup capacity: 12ml

Size: length 120mm × width 84mm × height 46mm

Weight:about 170.5g (excluding battery)

Product description

Use case

Air Flow 4
Air Flow 4
Air Flow 4
Air Flow 4
Air Flow 4
Air Flow 4

Functional advantage

Well absorbed

Using the Venturi principle and the secondary screening of the nebulized particles by the collision plate make the mist particles smaller than 3.8 microns, fine particles, and directly to the affected area.

High efficiency

Less than 5μm effective fog particles are greater than 60%.

Nebulization rate is more than 0.2ml/min.

Quality choice, save time.

More fully

nebulization liquid residue is less than 0.7ml.

Precise control ensures waste reduction.

Low noise

Noise reduction technology makes noise less than 65dB.

Quiet and comfortable make the baby nebulized with peace of mind.

High drug fit rate

It fits various types of nebulized drugs and can nebulize large particles of drugs and viscous liquids.

There is no hole blockage problem.

Medical grade

The medicine cup is made of standard PP material.

Skin-friendly design, soft fit.


People who pay attention to personal hygiene and pursue a high quality of life.

There are rhinitis, sinusitis, respiratory diseases and postoperative population.

People with a high risk of occupational diseases of high dust respiratory tract. Such as: teachers, traffic police, miners, textile workers, etc.

Smokers (and secondhand smokers).

Children, pregnant women, the elderly and other groups who avoid drugs.

People with dry nose who work in an air-conditioned environment for a long time.

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