Nasal Spray(120ml)
Nasal Spray(120ml)
Nasal Spray(120ml)

Specifications: 60/80/100/120ml

Concentration: 0.9%, 2.3%

Bottle type: aluminum can

Product description

Use case

Nasal Spray 120ml
Nasal Spray 120ml
Nasal Spray 120ml
Nasal Spray 120ml
Nasal Spray 120ml
Nasal Spray 120ml

Functional advantage

Medical Device Certificate

Medical standard, the product is extracted from Israel Alaba (Dead Sea) sea salt, pure and pollution-free.

Rich in 21 minerals and trace elements(sodium, magnesium, zinc, silver, copper, manganese, etc.)

The product is rich in 21 kinds of minerals and trace elements ,including sodium, magnesium, zinc, silver, copper, manganese, etc..

Nourishes the nasal cavity and improves the regulating ability of the nasal mucosa.

Nano fine spray

The fog is thick and delicate, not choking the nose.

360° coverage of the nasal cavity, comprehensive cleaning of the nasal cavity.

Gas-liquid separation process

Independent sealing design, aseptic and safer.

The product adopts the latest binary nozzle technology from Germany.

Unique nozzle design, long press constant pressure spray, fine and even spray.

Small waist bottle, more convenient.

More comfortable grip, mother can operate with one hand.


Home care

The product is suitable for people without special contraindications, such as itchy and dry nose,allergic rhinitis,nasal congestion or runny nose,cold and discomfort.

family standing

Nasal Care

Clean the wound

Prevention of rhinitis

Baby care

moisten the nasal passages

Nose and Nose

Moisturize and soften

Partial cleaning

Clean the ears

Clean the navel

Clean the eye area

Skin care

Clean dirt

Antibacterial maintenance

Calm and soothe

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