Air Spa Eyes Ⅱ
Air Spa Eyes Ⅱ
Air Spa Eyes Ⅱ
Air Spa Eyes Ⅱ
Air Spa Eyes Ⅱ
Air Spa Eyes Ⅱ

Nebulization rate/particle size: 0.15ml/min~0.4ml/min;<5μm

Working frequency: 160kHz, deviation from actual frequency: ≤±10%

Liquid volume: ≥6ml

Product description

Use case

Air Spa Eyes Ⅱ模特图 1
Air Spa Eyes Ⅱ模特图 1
Air Spa Eyes Ⅱ模特图 2
Air Spa Eyes Ⅱ模特图 2
Air Spa Eyes2专利图
Air Spa Eyes2专利图

Functional advantage

Special for eyes

The liquid reaches the deep anterior corneal area, quickly relieves dry eyes.

Micro-grid technology, micro-molecule moisturizing

The key is to get out the fog, the fog particles are 3 microns, and the fog is fine and stable.

Reduce eye irritation and absorb quickly.

Mini convenient, one-button simple operation

Perfect for all needs at home, travel or work.

Ultra-light body can moisturize eyes anytime.

Lightweight and portable (about 32g), comfortable to hold with one hand

Lightweight and portable, weighing about 32g, comfortable to hold with one hand

IPX5 waterproof

The instrument can be atomized normally if it is accidentally dropped into water or washed with water by mistake.

Quiet design

30dB operation,enjoy quiet mist.

Curved silicone eye mask is soft and skin-friendly and fits the contours of the eyes without leakage.

Long battery life and USB interface last up to a week on a single charge.

Water shortage protection

The device automatically shuts down after water shortage.


Application scenarios: outdoor/home travel, overuse of eyes in office and study, hospitals, entertainment venues.

Applicable people: beauty party, color contact party, screen party, staying up late party, driving family, urban elite white-collar workers, student teachers, dry eye patients.

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