Eye structure and disease etiology

· Pupil

Ciliary muscle: genetic factors / long-term close eye use, ciliary muscle spasm, causing visual fatigue.

Lens: The nutrient supply is not timely, the lens is turbid due to oxidation, leading to cataract (ground glass).

· Retina:

Fovea (Macula): Insufficient supply of nutrients to the retina, the macula is damaged by blue light, resulting in macular degeneration (mobile phone screen).

Tear film structure

· Lipids:

The thickness is about 0.1 microns; its function is to prevent the water-like tears from coming into direct contact with the air and reduce evaporation.

· Tears:

It accounts for 98% of the tear film thickness, it can keep the cornea and conjunctiva moist, and it is the main component of tear function.

· Mucin:

Only 0.02 ~ 0.1 microns, play the role of support and shaping.

· Asthenopia

Symptoms: dry eyes, photophobia, foreign body sensation.

Cause: Ciliary muscle spasm, tear film instability.

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