Nebulized inhalation vaccine solves the inconvenience of needing to concentrate people, time and place for injections, and brings risks to provinces, cities and counties in terms of operation, safety and cross-infection, and can be concentrated in social health promotion.

For remote areas such as Xinjiang, Tibet, or inconvenient areas such as transportation checkpoints, vaccination is completed by oral or nasal inhalation of the vaccine. This is a great progress in medical technology and is highly consistent with General Secretary Xi Jinping's guidelines.

The vaccine is nebulized into tiny particles with a nebulizer, and enters the respiratory tract mucosa through inhalation, thereby stimulating the mucosal immune response, which cannot be brought by intramuscular injection.

Immunization using nebulized inhalation is painless and requires less targeted drug delivery. Academician Chen Wei's latest clinical trial shows that only one-fifth of the injection dose is required, and the compliance is high.

If you get the certificate of nebulized vaccine first, you will have a bigger market share in the future, and even achieve overtaking in corners, because this is a long-term demand, especially in the international market.

feellife plans to adopt nebulized inhalation method, use portable mesh nebulizer, combine with COVID-19 vaccine bottle combination device, promote nebulized inhalation to inoculate COVID-19 vaccine, and supply matching mesh nebulized inhalation device. In this way of atomizing inhalation vaccination, the inhalation amount of adenovirus vector vaccine is 100μL or 200μ l (microliter)/time/person, and the atomizing inhalation time is about 10S, so as to achieve the goal of mucosal immune response through respiratory mucosa inhalation.

The latest research by Chen Wei, an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, shows that the nebulized dose of adenovirus vector COVID-19 vaccine is equal to one fifth of the usual injection dose, which can induce antibody and cellular immune response. The neutralizing antibody titer of SARS-CoV-2 in aerosol vaccination group was similar to that of patients who received intramuscular injection.

This finding shows that aerosol vaccination can induce a higher ratio of neutralizing antibody to total antibody than intramuscular injection.

feellife has four program options:

Option 1: Standard Vaccine Vial Nebulization - Air Mask D 

Option 2: Vaccine aerosol inhalation with community groups as a unit—Air Pro 6 

Option 3: Air ICU recommended by Academician Chen Wei

Plan 4: Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology's Epidemic Prevention Strategic Material Project Plan - Quantitative Atomization Inhalation AirRight

Project advantages:

01: Triple immunity: mucosal immunity, humoral immunity and cellular immunity.

02: Safer, prevent the epidemic from coming back.

03. Less dosage, reducing the cost of single vaccination.

04. The vaccination environment is more widely used, and the vaccination rate is rapidly increased.

05: High accessibility, more economical and scientific in the long run.