A number of NO.1 in the industry!

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feellife is most competitive medical nebulization enterprise

Tobacco Monopoly Production Enterprise License

(Nebulizer manufacturer)

License number: 4144030056

A number of NO.1 in the industry!

The only medical background nebulization brand in the industry
Since its establishment, feellife National High-tech Enterprise has its own 'medical' attribute in its genes, taking the lead in bringing nebulization products into the 'medical' era, and creating a 'medical nebulization ecological chain' is the only one in the industry.

After several years of development, the company has obtained production qualifications in the medical nebulization industry, and has obtained various certification reports of ISO13485 quality system certification. With 8 international invention patents, 12 domestic invention patents, 200+ EU TPD & US FDA certified flavors, on the basis of fine chemicals and medical nebulization, it is committed to the vision of 'providing a third drug delivery method for humans'.

A number of NO.1 in the industry!

Looking forward to the long-term, nebulize everything. As feellife has been deeply engaged in nebulization technology for many years and has accumulated industry-leading experience and rich achievements, it has been applied in various directions such as medical nebulization, and has become a medical brand centered on the 'fog' business.

Today, feellife not only has its own unique technical advantage - ReNico® core patented technology, but also combines the core product certification taste developed by Shenzhen Modern Chinese and Western Medicine Innovative Therapy Research Institute. top notch.

A number of NO.1 in the industry!

2016 The first CNAS certification laboratory in the industry

feellife, one of the first batch of approved manufacturers of nebulizers in China. In August 2016, its international certification testing laboratory, Huacheng General, was recognized by CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment) for its quality and safety.In 2009, sales on the same platform in the United States + research and development of international brands.

A number of NO.1 in the industry!

feellife regards product safety as the top priority of basic research and development. With the world-class doctoral team as the core, the ReNico® nebulization technology as the core, the CNAS standard Huacheng general testing standard laboratory and the four major production and R&D bases in line with the international IS09001/ISO22000/AEMSA/CGMP standards are guaranteed.

In addition to Watson & Band's general quality and safety laboratory, the company has also formulated extremely stringent corporate aerosol standards. The standard is strict and comprehensive on the basis of the relevant standards of EU countries and the requirements of HPHCs (harmful components and potentially harmful components) of the US PMTA. And the first TPD one-stop enterprise testing system in China, serving major brand customers in different markets around the world.
And 'product quality' will be the foundation of everything. We pursue the highest technical standards in the industry and strictly control product quality. Huacheng General Quality and Safety Laboratory, which is the first CNAS laboratory in the domestic medical nebulizaion industry. This means that feellife's analytical testing and safety assessment capabilities have achieved a major breakthrough and have entered the medical-grade level in an all-round way.

Quality and peace of mind is feellife's commitment to every consumer, and it is also the original intention that feellife has always adhered to.

R&D + sales on the same platform in the United States, China-US base

feellife is the only brand that fully opens up all platform capabilities. It uses central R&D and design capabilities to build an open international nebulization platform, and uses a global professional team and three major laboratories to build a global marketing platform to serve global customers and users. . Both China and the United States have global R&D laboratories and production bases, and are standardized, automated, and technologically advanced medical nebulization companies.

R&D and innovation ability is the constant vitality of feellife. We have established a complete R&D system, and have an expert team and innovation laboratory. We will continue to increase investment in R&D, and increase the proportion of nebulization technology and natural ingredients. , medical-level applications and other fields, and carry out more innovations. Provide consumers with technologically safe, green and natural medical nebulization products.

We continue to innovate around users. Through big data, first-line research, user interviews and technical prediction, Fanhuo provides users with better quality, more assured experience, and more personalized products. We hope to be the brand that understands and cares most about users.

Only science and technology first, live up to

The strength of science and technology is the hard core support of brand power. Using technology and innovation to win consumers' reputation, this is exactly the case in the long history of the medical nebulization industry!
feellife has always been committed to creating a medical nebulization ecology, continuously breaking through itself as the development concept, continuing to strengthen product research and development, and based on compliance with national regulatory policies and new national standards, to create better products for consumers.
All-round empowerment will be carried out for customers, including comprehensive empowerment of brand building, product matrix, market insight and other aspects. Adhere to product quality, concentrate strength, fight the key and core technologies, and lead the high-quality development of the medical atomization ecological industry.