Precautions for using child nebulizer

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Children's colds are very common, especially in winter or in kindergarten. It is easy to cough or stuffy nose due to colds. Most parents will use child nebulizer for nebulization treatment, and the method used by children during nebulization is very important. Let's learn the precautions when using child nebulizer today.


Use child nebulizer as much as possible when the child is quiet, and keep calm breathing. It is necessary to nebulize and clean the mouth on an empty stomach or 30 minutes after the meal, and remove the secretion and food residue in the mouth, so as to prevent vomiting caused by airflow stimulation during the nebulization process. If the respiratory tract secretion is relatively large, you can pat the back to expectorate before nebulization, and inhale sputum if necessary. Clean the face before nebulization treatment, and do not apply oily face cream to avoid drug absorption on the skin. It is better not to nebulize when the child is crying, which is not conducive to the drug reaching the lungs, thus reducing the nebulization effect. For the crying children, the treatment can be suspended, and the nebulization treatment can be continued after the children are quiet or pacified to sleep.

When children inhale aerosol therapy, it is best to take a relaxed and upright sitting position. During the aerosol therapy, they must pay close attention to the state of the child and the situation of the aerosol. If adverse reactions are found, they should immediately stop the aerosol therapy. If the baby coughs frequently, they should stop breathing, and start breathing after breathing is stable. Pay attention to control the amount of nebulization. The concentration of inhaled liquid medicine should not be too large. The inhalation speed should be slow to fast, and the amount of nebulization should be small to large and gradually adapt. Do not let the aerosol enter the eyes, otherwise it will cause eye discomfort. (After nebulization, wipe the face with warm water and wipe the medicine steam).


Sputum may be diluted after nebulization treatment. Turning over and patting the back in time after nebulization treatment will help to make the sputum adhering to the trachea and bronchial wall fall off and keep the respiratory tract smooth. After each nebulization, rinse your mouth in time to prevent the accumulation of drugs in your mouth and pharynx. If it is a small baby, you can wipe the mouth with normal saline, and then feed the baby with water. After nebulization, the nebulizer should be cleaned in time, cleaned with warm water, and then used after drying.

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