Why are mesh nebulizer getting more popular then ever in the medical industry

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With the development of science and technology, tremendous changes have taken place in medical treatment. As everyone will know, taking medicine and taking intravenous drip are our traditional drug delivery methods. However, with the development of medical technology, another drug delivery method - nebulization therapy has emerged. nebulization therapy requires a device, namely an nebulizer. Nowadays, various brands of nebulizers on the market can be divided into compression nebulizer, ultrasonic nebulizers, and mesh nebulizers according to their principles. Do you know which of the three types of nebulizers is more popular? Today, Raffles will talk to you about these three types of nebulizers, so that you can understand which one is more popular.

Why are mesh nebulizer getting more popular then ever in the medical industry

Compression nebulizer

This type of nebulizer is a mainstream nebulizer used by patients with respiratory diseases and is relatively inexpensive. Its main body consists of a compressed air source and an nebulizer. According to the Venturi jet principle, compressed gas is transported by a compression pump or pipeline gas source as a driving gas source. When the compressed gas passes through a narrow opening, a negative pressure region is formed locally, and the nebulized liquid is sucked out and cut into a liquid film by a continuously moving airflow. Due to the effect of surface tension, this part of the film is very unstable and decomposes into aerosols with different particle sizes. During the advance of the aerosol flow, large particles will fall back into the drug storage tank when they encounter the baffle. The jet nebulizer does not require cooling and is free from daily maintenance; The operation is simple, and the original liquid can be nebulized without dilution. However, it requires AC power supply, which can cause some noise during treatment. After use, it is also necessary to carefully clean the medicine cup. In addition, due to the physical limitations of the compression nebulizer drug cup, it has the defect of being unable to flow downward.

Ultrasonic nebulizer

The ultrasonic nebulizer converts high-frequency electric current into ultrasonic wave, which directly acts on the liquid medicine. When the ultrasonic wave reaches the surface of the liquid medicine, it forms a tension wave at the liquid-gas interface, generating drug microparticle output, so there is no noise interference. Ultrasonic nebulizers are not suitable for the inhalation and administration of biomacromolecule drugs due to their different nebulization liquid release ratios for suspensions made of different liquids. During ultrasonic nebulization, the volume of nebulized liquid is large, the generated particles are large, and the nebulization time is long. It is suitable for use in treatment that requires a large amount of mist release, such as nebulization inhalation stimulation. However, it can easily lead to excessive inhalation of water vapor by patients, excessive humidification of the respiratory tract, and increased respiratory resistance. Large inhalation of water can also lead to increased secretion of sputum by patients, affecting drug absorption and blood oxygen content. Therefore, it has been less recommended for use in asthma and COPD patients in recent years.

During ultrasonic nebulization, it may lead to concentration of the solution, so the nebulization effect on the suspension is not as good as that of the compression nebulizer. However, in terms of noise, the ultrasonic nebulizer is much better than the jet nebulizer.

Mesh nebulizer

When the mesh nebulizer works, it first generates a small ultrasonic vibration through a vibrator to initially nebulize the liquid medicine, and then extrudes the liquid medicine from the hole through a mesh nozzle to achieve secondary nebulization, forming aerosol particles with relatively small diameters. The mesh atomizer has the advantages of high mobility, quiet, fast delivery, short nebulization time, and low residual volume. In addition, the mesh nebulizer can well maintain the stability of drugs with poor stability, such as biological macromolecules, without an external power supply, battery-powered, convenient to carry, and more comfortable to use. Therefore, it is also popular with the general public.

Why are mesh nebulizer getting more popular then ever in the medical industry

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