How nebulization Therapy Helps Humans in Natural Disasters

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Natural disasters are our inevitable disasters. In the face of disasters, we always do not give up every sign of life, and never relax during every rescue operation. This is the greatest respect for the life of the rescue team, demonstrating national responsibility and responsibility. Our most common natural disasters are earthquakes, such as the Türkiye earthquake. In addition to the shortage of environment, food, and water resources, and the collapse of urban water and power facilities, the most important thing is that during the earthquake, the rescue and medical work of many injured people was difficult, and a large number of harmful substances were diffused in the air, which greatly threatened human health. Earthquake treatment is imminent.

How nebulization Therapy Helps Humans in Natural Disasters

As a one-stop service for the global nebulizer+nebulizer ecosystem, Feellife has a unshirkable responsibility for a comprehensive high-tech industry that integrates the complete R&D, production, sales, service, and learning of nebulization products and nebulization vaccine equipment. So how does Feellife help friends in the earthquake? First of all, we need to know what is nebulization therapy. nebulization is a method of treatment, which decomposes drugs into small particles (3-5 in diameter) through instruments μ M is the best, which is the key point when selecting the nebulizer). It enters the respiratory tract and lungs through breathing, thus playing a therapeutic role. nebulization therapy has the following advantages: simple and easy to operate, directly acting on the diseased part, rapid effect, good curative effect, less adverse reactions, painless, and easy to cooperate. If you have friends with respiratory diseases in the earthquake, A movement that can save your life is nebulization.

In response to the earthquake medical rescue, Feellife first developed the earthquake portable nebulizer, Air Pro 5. The nebulization rate is 0.15ml/min-0.90ml/min. The rate determines the speed of the spray of the nebulizer. If the spray rate is too low, the drugs deposited in the lower airway may be reduced, affecting the efficacy. The speed of Feellife's nebulizer is very appropriate. Most of the nebulized drug doses are output within the first five minutes of nebulization, It applies to both the elderly and infants. Of course, while ensuring the nebulization rate, the nebulizer of Feellife also has very fine particles, with a median particle size of 3 μ m. The error is not more than ± 25%. This nebulized particle can directly reach the patient's focus and achieve the purpose of rapid treatment. The volume of the liquid medicine cup is 10ml, which can completely meet the needs of patients. More importantly, considering the limited items carried during the earthquake, Feellife has developed a small size and lightweight nebulizer, which is very convenient to carry around. In addition, there will be cable damage and power failure in the earthquake. Much medical equipment cannot be used. Time is life. This portable nebulizer is equipped with high-power batteries that can be used directly in case of power failure. Compared with the traditional atomizing machine, optimizing the plugging problem of atomizing machine and quickly solving the urgent natural disaster can be called the necessary life-saving equipment for the earthquake.

How nebulization Therapy Helps Humans in Natural Disasters

Many friends have questions. Generally, portable nebulizers use masks, and the sitting posture is better. But many patients in the earthquake have one kind of illness or another. What should we do if we can't guarantee the sitting position? This feels life-Air Pro 5 can adapt to different nebulization requirements as the environment changes. It can choose three nebulization modes, namely mask, bite, and nose insertion. Through low-noise nebulization, people can achieve quiet protection and have a comfortable experience. It is a necessary magic weapon in earthquake rescue.

In addition to natural disasters, in our daily life, portable nebulizers can be suitable for different groups of people and nebulization treatment indications and departments, such as respiratory department, pediatrics, facial features department, gynecology and obstetrics, surgery, outpatient and emergency department and other departments of practical nebulization treatment. For bronchial asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), bronchiectasis, chronic bronchitis, hormone-sensitive cough, post-infection cough, ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP), ear, nose, throat, head, and neck surgery-related diseases, pediatrics-related respiratory system diseases, and trachea management during operation, it can achieve good auxiliary treatment effect.