It is the general trend to be in line with medical-grade safety products.

Innovation is the origin of feellife, and we continue to innovate around users. Dare to make breakthroughs, feellife is responding to consumer needs with technology and meeting the possibility of consumer demand through technological innovation. ReNico® atomization core technology was born in response to PMTA regulations and in line with the times and market needs. As well as the role of ReNico®X in the development of medical atomization, it is the innovation of atomized medical products.

Feellife medical atomization fully complies with the requirements of national standard 101 from product attributes, formulas to experience, and consistently establishes a good industry benchmark image to jointly promote the healthy and standardized development of the industry. Launched the first EU TPD one-stop enterprise inspection system in 5 working days, increasing the speed by 10 times.

At the same time, it also won the 'An' star quality inspection certification, which means that the company's product quality is qualified and the overall production control level is leading.

Scientific innovation to help industry compliance development

In the future, we will actively apply for product technical review and related licenses. Strictly control the quality to ensure that the substances and ingredients extracted from each flavor are safe and compliant, and meet the requirements of National Standard 101. Effectively implement and fulfill social responsibilities, unswervingly innovate and develop, and protect consumers' rights and interests. With scientific innovation, we embrace a new era in which the industry has regulations and standards to follow, and contributes to the development of industry compliance. Still maintain the original intention of creating ingenious and high-quality medical atomization, and explore more possibilities!

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