Product description

Use case

Air Spa Eyes S3
Air Spa Eyes S3
Air Spa Eyes S3
Air Spa Eyes S3
Air Spa Eyes S3专利图
Air Spa Eyes S3专利图

Functional advantage

The product soothes and moisturizes the eyes, rejuvenating tired eyes.

AiMesh®inside nebulization core technology.

Comparison of Polymer Diaphragms and Metal Mesh

Metal mesh: poor elasticity, easy to block holes

Polymer diaphragm: high elasticity, easy for drugs to pass through

one-button start

10 seconds atomized moisturizing, 360° all-round nourishment.

Deep care for eyes, delicate without makeup.

Safety assurance, multi-country certification,and has passed CE,FCC,ROSH,WEEE certification.

For people

Application scenarios: outdoor/home travel, overuse of eyes in office and study, hospitals, entertainment venues.

Applicable people: beauty party, color contact party, screen party, staying up late party, driving family, urban elite white-collar workers, student teachers, dry eye patients.

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